One house that looks like two! The house with two gables represents high-quality architecture in the middle of the housing estate


A very interesting building has been built in the Lochotín part of Pilsen. It is a family house, which, however, at first glance appears as two separate buildings. Although both materials have the same shape, they differ in a differently designed facade. Inside you will find a very practical and open interior that connects the two parts.

A row of older houses has been preserved in the midst of prefab houses in the Plzeň district of Lochotín, and it was here that a family house was renovated, resulting in an architecturally interesting object.

The reconstruction proposal from the PRP-STORY studio adapted to the needs of a young family. The architects chose the traditional gable roof shape, twice. The result is a house with two gables with a generous interior that works with different height levels with wooden mezzanines and an opening to the roof. “We tried to bring as much light into the house as possible, but at the same time preserve privacy, which is also helped by the wooden slats over the windows in the newly added gable,” say the architects. On the ground floor we find a children’s room, a living room, a kitchen with a dining area and a bathroom. Upstairs there is a separate reading room, a bedroom with a second children’s room and an interesting bathroom. The interior is lined with wood and has a retro feel.

From the outside, the two imaginary connected houses differ from each other primarily in the facade. The combination of wood paneling and granite looks traditional, while incorporating contemporary trends.

“The division of the facade and the shutters to the street are preserved, the facade and the plaster are unified in white color. Newly conceived windows are undivided, wooden, fixed or opening. The newly added gable to the courtyard has a wooden facade of impregnated laths as does the new vestibule extension which replaced the original extension.” delivered by architects.

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An older family house in the village has been transformed into a pleasant modern place to live

The couple bought an older family house in the village of Křenovice in the South Moravian Region with the intention of building a place where they will live happily after raising their children and staying only together. Thanks to the reconstruction of the building and the new extension under the guidance of architects from the studio IKA architekti Brno, the place has become a pleasant refuge with a modern look.

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A house with two faces, it could still be called a family house in Moravské Krumlov. When viewed from the garden, it has a friendly impression with a village character. From the street, however, it provokes with a modern black facade, precisely provocation was the goal of the architects from the CL3 studio.

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This is where you want to live! A family house by the forest combines tradition and modern design.

A little outside of Pilsen, there is a small family house in a meadow near the forest, which could hardly stand anywhere else. The building makes perfect use of the atmosphere of the place and adapts to it both in terms of shape and chosen materials. Architect Lukáš Janout is behind the proposal, who created modern living here for his clients.

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