Any driver who has his lights on in this way faces a hefty fine

Any driver who has his lights on in this way faces a hefty fine
Any driver who has his lights on in this way faces a hefty fine

Drivers must comply with a number of regulations if they do not want to pay hefty fines at every corner. Apart from the mandatory not exceeding the maximum permitted speed or respecting traffic signs however, there are penalties even for seemingly minor offenses. Events247, for example, wrote in the past that unjustified use of the horn can cost motorists thousands of crowns. And there is another fine for incorrect lighting.

The use of lights has its own rules

Autumn is characterized by short days and frequent fogs. Reduced visibility goes hand in hand with this, which makes driving significantly more difficult. Many therefore like to use so-called fog lights. However, not everyone knows the correct way to use these lights. At the same time, any driver who has these lights on the car incorrectly is at risk of a hefty fine of up to 2,500 crowns, warns the website Autojournal. So people should definitely avoid these blunders, otherwise they will have to deal with the police.

According to current Czech legislation, drivers are obliged to use rear fog lights in case of reduced visibility caused by fog, snow or intense rain. The front fog lights are then optional, of course under the meteorological conditions described above, reports the website Autojournal. However, this rather general specification can lead to misunderstandings and incorrect use of these lights.

The law also does not specify the maximum permitted speed that drivers using fog lights could drive. “That this is not just a theory is confirmed by the road law valid in Germany. Maintaining this very speed of 50 km/h with the rear fog lights on considers it an obligation. Which at the same time means that the rear fog light should only be turned on in fog that does not allow driving at a speed higher than 50 km/h, because good visibility is 50 meters and less.” TN website cites the ÚAMK assistance service.

There is a fine in other cases as well

In addition to fog lights, the rules also restrict other lights. As the Autosalon server points out, the law, for example prohibits the use of high beams in cases, when there would be a risk of dazzling oncoming drivers, or in situations where the road is already sufficiently lit. Likewise, flashing is prohibited in most cases.

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Fog lights are mainly intended for driving in fog, rain or snow

And there is also a risk of financial penalties for those who, although they shine correctly, have dirty or otherwise covered lights. “For too dirty or obscured light in our place there is a risk of a fine of up to 2,000 crowns on the spot quotes the server Aktually press spokesman of the Ministry of Transport František Jemelka.

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