You saved our lives, former patients thanked the medical professionals


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You saved our lives, former patients thanked the medical professionals

Within a single day, two patients came to the Hněvotínská EMS Outpatient Base with huge thanks for saving their lives.

It is the second day of August and in the afternoon the crews of the RV and RZP OL receive a call under the urgency of N1 with the indication: hit pedestrian – child. “Since this accident happened a few meters from our departure base, we are on the scene immediately. Coincidentally, an off-duty colleague of ours happened upon this incident, so he immediately started first aid. It was a small child who was thrown a few meters away from the car after the collision with the vehicle. The boy was unconscious, gasping, after adequate first aid, when our crews arrived, he became agitated and cried. His vital functions are not at all satisfactory, the condition worsens – convulsions of the whole body occur. The boy needs to be analgosed and transferred to artificial lung ventilation. After performing these actions, the health condition stabilizes and the exit group hands the patient over to the LZS, which then transports him to the children’s trauma center in Ostrava Poruba Hospital. And today? He also came to visit with his dad – completely without consequences!! We had tears in our eyes Because, what is more than saving a life, and even a child’s? THANK YOU and we wish you good health,” thank the health workers.

The second case happened on September 24, 2009. Kryštof 09 takes off for a traffic accident, when a car ran off the road into a stream. There are two people in the car, one of whom is a minor patient. “After our arrival at the scene of the incident, the firemen already got them out – fortunately, both escaped without serious injuries. Both of them only experienced hypothermia from being in the water. They were immediately provided with thermal comfort and transferred to the next examination in the FNOL at the OUP department. The grandfather came to thank us for saving himself and his granddaughter. He appreciated the professional treatment, as well as the kind and calm attitude of our crews. “We are glad that they are both fine and THANK YOU very much for the visit, the words of thanks and also for the goodies,” the health workers add. (red)

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