Ostrava: A woman died in an accident, three other people were injured


The accident happened before 05:00. A passenger car collided with a truck on one of the busiest roads in Ostrava near a gas station in the direction of the city center. The truck was traveling in the connection lane from Novinářská street to Mariánskohorská. The passenger car, apparently driven by a thirty-seven-year-old man, crashed into the rear wheel of the tractor for reasons that have not yet been determined. It skidded and subsequently fell from the bridge on Novinářská Street.

“The female passenger in the car suffered non-life-threatening injuries in connection with this accident,” said police spokeswoman Pavla Procházková. Two other people and the driver were taken to hospital. According to rescue service spokesman Lukáš Humpl, the woman died before the rescuers arrived.

“Three other people, men aged 28 and 37, were seriously injured. The crew of the emergency medical services did not know the identity of the last injured person at the time of the intervention. Patients were treated for head, chest and back injuries as part of pre-hospital emergency care. Two of them were in danger, the third was seriously injured. After being secured with neck collars, a vacuum mattress and other means, they were transported to the emergency department of the Ostrava Faculty Hospital,” said Humpl. The breath test of the forty-eight-year-old truck driver was negative.

Firefighters also intervened in the accident, and after arriving at the accident, they split into two groups. “The first unit responded to a truck that was leaking diesel from the tank. The diesel leak was stopped by temporary sealing, the firefighters covered the spilled diesel with a sorbent. The second unit intervened at a passenger vehicle. Firefighters secured it against the fire and pulled one severely injured person out of the vehicle with the help of a spinal board,” said fire department spokesman Lukáš Popp. He added that one of the seriously injured people initially left the accident, but returned when the rescuers intervened. “After completing the rescue work, the firemen remained at the scene of the accident, where they illuminated the scene for the police and set up a screen near the deceased person. After investigating the accident, they removed the wreckage of the crashed vehicles,” added Popp.

The police are asking for the help of any witnesses to the accident or the driver who could provide them with dash cam footage. They can contact the emergency line 158.

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A woman died in an accident in Ostrava, and three other people were seriously injured.

A woman died in an accident in Ostrava, and three other people were seriously injured.

Author: HZS of the Moravian-Silesian Region

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