Before you get the original, you can already buy a clone. The price is not surprising

Before you get the original, you can already buy a clone. The price is not surprising
Before you get the original, you can already buy a clone. The price is not surprising

We have presented the Oppo Find N3 in detail in this article. It is an excellently equipped folding mobile phone with a flexible display in the shape of a book. But at the same time as this model, its clone OnePlus Open was introduced. It has a pretty funny name, definitely better than if OnePlus tried to imitate the word Fold, which is often used for this type of phone.

The Open differs from the Find N3 in its memory configuration. Oppo offers 12 GB of operational and 512 GB of user memory, or for the collector’s collection, 16 GB of operational and 1 TB of user memory. OnePlus has only one variant: 16 GB of operating and 512 GB of user memory. Oppo offers its novelty in four colors, one of which is made of artificial leather, three have a glass back. OnePlus has a single light green cover color on offer.

Which are also the only differences between the two phones. The design is no different either, including a photo module with a distinctive Hasselblad logo, which was involved in the development of the camera. OnePlus Open is simply a pure Oppo clone, except for memory, all other equipment is the same.

The phone thus has an internal flexible display with a diagonal of 7.82 inches and an external one with a diagonal of 6.31 inches. Both have FHD+ resolution. Both are LTPO3 OLEDs with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. Performance is ensured by Snapdragon 8 gen 2, we have already mentioned the memory sets.

The main camera with three sensors is also the same. The main one has a resolution of 48 Mpix, as well as the wide-angle one. The telephoto lens has a sensor resolution of 64 Mpix. This and the main sensor have optical stabilization. In the displays there are two more cameras with a resolution of 20 (large display) and 32 Mpix.

The battery with a capacity of 4,800 mAh is no different. Wired charging has a maximum power of 67 W. Both phones lack wireless charging, eSIM support and also more significant durability, they can only withstand being splashed with water.

We don’t know the oppa price for European markets, so far only the Chinese price is available. Converted to 32,000 crowns for the basic version and 42,000 crowns for the collector’s edition. You can order the OnePlus from the European company store with delivery to the Czech Republic. The phone will cost 48 thousand crowns. Which, unsurprisingly, is almost the exact price of the Samsung Z Fold 5 in a similar memory variant. Basically Samsung is cheaper, with more user memory then even more expensive.

According to some sources, Oppo could be cheaper, but it is still only an estimate, the exact amount has not been determined, and there is no information about when the phone will be available in Europe.

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