He found courage. After the first shot, you thought this was going to be crazy. And it was



Author: Ondřej Huml

Paul Smith toiled but caught in the cage.PHOTO: OCTAGON MMA

It only lasted a minute and 16 seconds, but the fans certainly got their money’s worth. The non-traditional English derby between comedian Paul Smith and reality show star Jake Quickenden was clearly dominated by the latter, but showman Smith dominated the post-match press. With a monocle under his right eye, he entertained everyone there.

That the two men had become friends again, after all, was clearly visible right after the fight. “It’s been a very long ten months, much respect to anyone who does combat sports for a living. And of course especially Paul. He’s proven that he’s not only a gentleman and a bloody funny bastard, but also a really big beast. He’s a really amazing person and I love him I admire,” said the former footballer in tribute to Smith, who was pulling the short end of the rope in the cage from the start.

“Please give Jake a big round of applause because he deserves it. He’s a tougher guy than I thought. When he hit me the first time I thought, what am I doing, this is going to be crazy. But I’m so glad , that I gave it a try. I consider it one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life and I’ll be happy if I can help fill the MMA gyms here. We need to get kids off the streets and into the gyms. That’s the main goal of all this.” remarked Smith, who was rewarded with thunderous applause from the audience.

Then he continued on the press. There, the serious tone alternated with the mode of the entertainer. “It was an incredible experience for me, I would like to thank everyone for it. First of all, I have to appreciate Jake. He hit me and won fair and square, he deserved it. He put on an absolutely great show. But even before the fight I thought he was tall and fit , that he’s really in great shape. I’m afraid I’ll be thinking about him tonight when I’m lying in bed,” laughed the forty-one-year-old Englishman.

“I’ve been thinking about him for the last ten months, too. I even asked him right after the game if it wasn’t a little weird that we feel like friends now. But I’m glad I got to play against him because this guy is just quite a gentleman. I even liked it enough to have it again,” blinked Quickenden, who killed his sap with a series of grenades.

“I’m definitely not going to do it again with you. But I’m going to cheer for you, I’ll put your picture on my T-shirt,” countered Smith, picking up his opponent’s right hand.

“She has incredible strength in her. I tried to hold on, but I just couldn’t. I’m just glad that he beat me, and not my girlfriend. I’m really glad that she didn’t run into the cage yet, because I would have done it from her caught even more,” beamed the defeated Stage to the Cage participant, saying that he only wants to continue his career as a comedian.


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