It’s like death by a thousand cuts, Edmonton’s plight annoys McDavid. He believes in better times

It’s like death by a thousand cuts, Edmonton’s plight annoys McDavid. He believes in better times
It’s like death by a thousand cuts, Edmonton’s plight annoys McDavid. He believes in better times

Edmonton is literally looking for the new season. Although he has not weakened significantly, his results are below average. They won only twice out of ten games and with five points they are one of the worst teams in the league. At the same time, the Oilers had completely opposite ambitions. Even Connor McDavid, who hastened his return from injury, is really frustrated with the current situation, but that doesn’t help his team either.

Connor McDavid was injured on October 22nd against Winnipeg and was expected to be out for up to two weeks. In the end, he reduced his absence to a week and only two missed games. He helped his teammates snap a four-game losing streak during the Heritage Classic against Calgary, but that was mainly because the Flames are another tremendously struggling team.

After the game under the open sky, it was confirmed that the win over Calgary did not mean flashing to better times. Edmonton lost again in the next two games. Last time on his ice with Nashville 2:5 on Saturday.

After the game, the biggest star of the Oilers, Connor McDavid, talked about his feelings. Frustration could be felt in almost every word he said. “I thought we had a good start,” he recalled of Edmonton’s 10th-minute lead. “But then we made the same mental mistakes again, which cost us matches again and again. It then forces us to catch up, which is difficult in this league,” McDavid said.

He used very unconventional words to express what he is experiencing during the current suffering of his team. However, they are typical for a player of his caliber. He literally lives by hockey. “It’s like death by a thousand cuts. That’s what I feel. It snowballs.”

Edmonton is also not benefiting from the fact that McDavid himself is not in top form, although, according to his words, he feels fully healthy. In eight games, he scored 10 Canadian points, but only two goals. At the same time, it is his goals that the team from Alberta is missing. Last season, after eight games played, he had eight goals and fifteen Canadian points. And because of that, Edmonton won.

But as McDavid aptly noted, everything can change very quickly in hockey. “Last year at the beginning of the season we had seven wins and three defeats, then on the other hand we lost seven matches out of ten. We started the opposite way this year, so the next ten games are going to be big for our team,” he said, hopeful that the tide will quickly turn in Edmonton’s favor.

But it certainly won’t be easy. Of these ten upcoming games, Edmonton will play seven away. It will start on November 7th on the court of the hot Vancouver. Will McDavid’s prediction that better times are coming come true?

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