Place setting: Scattered cats on the dining table, fire department

Place setting: Scattered cats on the dining table, fire department
Place setting: Scattered cats on the dining table, fire department

They will compete next week with Pilsen stoves. How will the contestants fare, what tactics will they choose and who will find the dream win under the hood? No one will admit to tactic, but the opposite is true.

On Monday, Lenka will stand by the stove

The guests will be amazed by the environment to which Lenka invites them. Even from the fact that the hostess leaves the guests to serve themselves. He will play tricks in the children’s room, maybe the cat’s room. The cats eventually escape from the room and crawl on the laid dining table. Will there be hairs in the food? Lenka admits that before the filming of Prostřen, she cleaned more than before the Christmas holidays, painted and bought new cutlery. Unemployed Lenka (48) signed up for the program herself. If she won, she would give each contestant 1000 CZK for their effort and use the rest for a family vacation. Most of the time, he cooks out of compulsion, but he still makes a point of it every time.

Lenka will prepare tartare made of green asparagus and avocado with mini crackers, yummy with cheese and homemade crumble, medallions of pork tenderloin with bean pods and mashed potatoes and lemon posset with strawberries and grated chocolate. The soup turns out to be plain water with a broth that is supposed to be fake beef stock, and the dessert will be a big mystery. But the hostess will be satisfied with her evening, and that’s the main thing. ¨

On Tuesdays, the host is mommy Aleš

Aleš treats his cooking presentation a bit like a dating site. He admits that his mother inspired him a lot in cooking and that he is also looking for a woman like her. With the same culinary talent. No wonder he’s still alone. And that despite the fact that he has a great faro and knows how to cook.

Entrepreneur Aleš (49) likes to cook, but not often. He worked as a floor worker and is now the owner of a flooring and construction company. He is single and lives alone. If he won, he would enjoy the win. He would definitely go somewhere and travel. As entertainment, he wants to prepare a cabriolet ride around the square for his guests.

He describes himself as hardworking, calm and fulfilling his dreams. Stuffed baked mushrooms, toast, pea cream, spaghetti aglio olio and a variety of puddings will be served.

Wednesday belongs to Jakub

Wednesday contestants Jakub boasts three types of tartare and will pleasantly surprise the guests. Who will know that one of the tartar is the task of the week? Which one will the guests like best? Lenka will ask for garlic again. And she will be disappointed. It is missing in tartare. Jakub dares to prepare the Pavlova dessert. The guests think that the dessert is named after their grandmother… Lenka thinks that a chocolate treat awaits them. He will also grill, and guests will appreciate that he asks how anyone wants a piece of meat cooked. Monika is excited about the great menu. But will it also affect the scoring?

Construction manager Jakub (26) accepted appearing in the show as a challenge. He likes to have fun with his friends. He likes hockey, firefighters, water and wine tourism. He describes himself as sociable, funny and always laughing rather than guessing. He does not and would not eat fatty meat, killer products and ugly food. His favorite foods include roast pig, but if he’s hungry, duck is good too. Will his simple menu impress the other contestants?

On Thursday, Martin cooks

Thursday host Martin is in Prostřeno for the second time. He will cook cottage goulash and cream soup. Who will appreciate it, who will want garlic and why did Martin prepare a simpler menu than the last time he participated? But Martin’s guests won’t appreciate the dessert. It seems to them that they are a bit in a kindergarten, a bit in a school canteen.

Color mixer Martin (51) has a third wife and five children. He signed up for the show a second time, for good fun. He performed here already in 2019. He would like to eat well. If he won, he would put the money in his cottage. As entertainment, they prepare live music in the garden for their guests. He doesn’t like the silence when dining together, he doesn’t eat sweets, and cooking is relaxing for him. Martin bets on a simple kitchen for the second time to catch up. But he won’t be able to catch up, and what’s more, his opponent’s simple recipes won’t dazzle him. Single-mouthed dumplings, cream soup, cottage goulash, or sweet dot will not appear to the guests to be sufficiently representative of the competition dishes. And it won’t always be easy to hear critical remarks. How will Martin argue with them?

Monika’s on Friday

Friday’s host, Monika, will present an innovative menu that will literally get her guests’ tongues rolling. He admits he wants to win. But will she succeed? What expectations will the guests have and who do others see as the players? Over dessert, the guests all say it to each other, but will it be honest?

Laboratory technician Monika (55) is divorced and lives with her boyfriend. Together they have four grown children. She signed up for the show because she wanted to try it out. She would use any winnings to travel.

Monika does not disappoint when she bets on a daring menu. Guests do not know most of the courses and will have trouble pronouncing their names at all. Monika will prepare asparagus and cheese quiche, Thai carrot soup with chicken and glass noodles, salmon with baby spinach and basmati rice and a light fruit cheesecake. And since it’s the last night, it will also come down to solving tactics and finding tactics. Was he at the table? And who was that? And who will win this week?

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