Inexcusable performance, says Toto Wolff after Brazil –

Inexcusable performance, says Toto Wolff after Brazil –
Inexcusable performance, says Toto Wolff after Brazil –

Brazil did not go well for Mercedes. In the sprint, the Black Arrow riders had a good start, but then dropped out. It wasn’t good in the race either. Russell did not finish the race, Hamilton finished in eighth place.

“Unforgivable performance. There are no words for it,” Toto Wolff told Sky Sports after the race.

“This car finished second last week and the week before last, and no matter what we did to it, it was terrible. Lewis survived there, but George… I can only sympathize with those two who were riding in such a wretched thing.’

It has long been said by Mercedes that this year’s car is “top”. Not that it’s that great, but it’s a bit like a knife standing on its edge. It is not easy to put a knife on the edge, but once you can do it, a small shock, a gust of wind or a sneeze is enough and the knife will fall. It’s a strong and unrealistic euphemism, of course, but the Mercedes car is similar, and according to Wolff, Interlagos confirmed it again.

“You have to develop it better for next year because you can’t be on the podium, have a solid performance, one of the two fastest cars, and seven days later you’re nowhere and finish eighth.”

“This car does not deserve to win. In the last two races we have to work hard and get out of it. I think that’s the most important thing and we’ll see what we can do in Las Vegas. It’s a completely different track and then in Abu Dhabi… but the performance (in Brazil) was just not enough.”

“Straight speed was one of the issues, but probably not the main factor. The main factor was that we couldn’t go through the corners with the bigger wing and we were killing the tires, we just ate them up within a few laps.”

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