Israel is again heavily bombing Gaza

Israel is again heavily bombing Gaza
Israel is again heavily bombing Gaza

The Gaza Strip has suffered another “complete blackout” of phone lines and internet connectivity, Palestinian telecommunications company Paltel said on Sunday. The local government of the Islamist movement Hamas soon accused Israel of launching “intense bombardment” of sites in northern Gaza, where the hospital is located, AFP reported.

According to the BBC news company, the communication outage was confirmed by the organization Netblocks, which monitors access to the Internet in the world. According to her, the Palestinians are facing the third “blackout” in the last month.

The cutoff from internet and phone connections also came last weekend as the Israeli military stepped up its ground operations in Gaza in an effort to root out the militant group Hamas. This has added to the chaos in the densely populated area as a result of the massive Israeli bombardment. People had no information about the current events or their loved ones, ambulances went out for the wounded only based on where the drivers heard the explosions.

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