Today in the Street: The lost stop sign keeps the whole school busy

Today in the Street: The lost stop sign keeps the whole school busy
Today in the Street: The lost stop sign keeps the whole school busy

It’s funny how a lost stopwatch can reveal the character of the person who lost it, and not the person who kept it in their jacket pocket. Sonia freaks out more than is healthy, and all hell breaks loose at school.

Irena and Magda agreed on regular morning meetings

Irena manages the child and is already partly involved in school activities. Since another date doesn’t suit her because of Jaroušek, she made arrangements with Magda for morning meetings. While her baby is having a nice nap, she and Magda have breakfast and they discuss everything that is needed.

Among other things, he learns the fact that Magda is looking forward to the conference in Prague. And that’s what Irena thought as she would have to persuade Magda to go. And Magda, she really can’t wait. She is just worried that the situation at school does not get out of control. He reveals to Irena his fears about Cechova’s actions. According to Magda, Soňa is exaggerating. At the same time, poor Magda does not know that Soňa pokes her nose into other things as well… or rather, their things. The case of Procházková and Matěj Dvořák will give her more time. Magda will still be happy when Irena returns as a permanent director after the baby. As a regular teacher, she will be less busy and maybe she will be able to settle her accounts with Soňa more clearly.

The stop sign case will also be heard on the school radio

Taking Čechová to gymnasium was the stupidest idea Magda had. That is, Irena advised her. But nobody feels very comfortable next to Sonia. The pupils are beside themselves with it, and it even awakens personal traumas in them. Teachers don’t have it easy either. For example, Otík is completely out of touch with Sony. It feels like she’s constantly breathing down his neck. Now he’s still burning in his pocket with her fallen stalks. What was he thinking when he took them from her? Maybe he wanted to torment and punish her a little. However, the case he unintentionally unleashed is unparalleled. And Magda still doesn’t know who has the stopwatch. She investigates in his class and urges everyone to return the stopwatch. But this time the students are innocent. They stare at her and feel like prime suspects even though they haven’t done anything wrong. Unfortunately for Magda, even this will not help. This is not enough for Sonya. They must have a perpetrator. And so he suggests that he put the whole thing on the radio. However, this is the last signal for Otík to confess.

Otík adds color

Sonia is a really uncomfortable person. Near her so that a person has armor. She is completely fake and wants to prove to everyone how perfect she is. At the same time, she is far from perfect, as evidenced by her recent case of Tereza Koutná. She pointed out that she was fat. Well, can a teacher afford this? So Otík waits for nothing and runs to Magda to confess. He is the thief. He has a stopwatch. He shoves them under Magda’s nose to get them back. She is angry with Otík and wants him to correct what he did. But not Otík. In short, Sonia evokes conflicting feelings in him, and therefore he would rather throw away the stopwatches than return them.

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