The volleyball players were far from the points

The volleyball players were far from the points
The volleyball players were far from the points

The women’s volleyball extra league continued with its 7th round. In it, the Olomouc players played on the field of the second team of the table, Liberec, and could not take a single set from the sovereign Dukla. It was Sokol Šternberk, who welcomed Olymp from Prague to his board, who started against Liberec in the last round, fought bravely, managed to take one set from the opponents, but in the end lost to the favorite 1:3.

In Liberec, the beginning of the duel went better for the home team. Hanačky was still able to reduce Dukla’s 6:2 lead, after a 10:5 lead in Liberec, the guest coach Jan Drešl took a timeout, but Šantovec was unable to reduce Dukla’s lead. The home team was led by the Kvapilov sisters, the scorers Farská and Nowakova took care of the points for the guests. On the other hand, the Ukrainian Artyshukova did not do well and Dukla won the first set 25:19.

The North Bohemians again started the second set better, leading 11:6 after the defeat of Šulcové. After a time-out and a substitution, when the substitute Šotkovská went into the game, the Olomouc women were able to equalize and it was 12:13 after a point from Anna Šotkovská. After that, the Kvapil sisters were in charge again, joined by Vyklická and Herdová, soon it was six points again for the home team and the set was decided. Only Fedchuk added the guests’ fourteenth point and reduced the score to 14:20. The home team won the second part easily 25:17.

In the third act, Liberec took an 8:3 lead, coach Drešl responded with a timeout, but Herdová and Vyklicka ran rampant in the home team’s attack. After Vyklická’s two aces, it was already 13:5, Hanačky then corrected the score, after the actions of Nowaková and Fedchuková, it was suddenly only four points, and home captain Gálík took time out for a change. It took, the women from Olomouc couldn’t reduce and Liberec won the match 3:0.

“Liberec pushed us with service. The blocker Kvapilová did well, as she always had a string of points on her serve, and that brought us to our knees. The third set was completely a matter for the home team. I sincerely congratulate him,” Olomouc coach Jan Drešl said.

“We knew from the beginning of the match that we did not perform anything dazzling last time in Prague. But today we pressed the serve, we finished the point balls and we were successful in the attack, so we were on top of the opponent the whole match and we managed it excellently,” acknowledged the home captain Libor Gálík.

On Wednesday, November 8, the Olomouc volleyball players will play against Ostrava in the playoff of the 6th league round at home from 5 p.m.

VK Dukla Liberec – VK Šantovka Olomouc UP 3:0 (19, 17, 16)

Referee: Vachutka, Lenert. Time: 74 minutes. Spectators: 185.

Liberec: Robins-Hardyová, Šulcová, K. Kvapilová, N. Kvapilová, Herdová, Vyklická, libero Kolářová. Alternates: Formánková, Pragerová, Fixová, Dvořáková.
Olomouc: Shevkeneková, Fedchuková, Nowaková, Artyshuková, Farská, Kořínková, libero Chaloupková. Substituted by: Šotkovská.

In Šternberk, the players of the visiting Olymp managed to maintain a slight lead in the first set, mainly thanks to the good service of Šimáňová and Hodanová. After that, the home volleyball players equalized at 16:16, but Olymp won again. Not even coach Jehlára’s timeouts helped the home team. The guests led 18:16 and 22:18 and won the set after winning 25:20.

In the second set, the Prague team managed to bounce back from 11:7 on Hodanová’s service to a 21:7 lead. The home team did not manage to resist, timeouts did not help either. On the contrary, Olymp played excellently on the serve, in the attack and on the block, and the set ended with a big difference of 25:10 for Olymp.

In the third set, the Sokol players improved in all game activities, and the game was balanced to a score of 9:9. Captain Weidethalerová scored mainly for the home team, then Polky Deptuchová and Kłodová joined in. Then the opponent scored points and led 17:12. But the home players managed to equalize again and finally won the set with a 27:25 victory in a dramatic ending with the support of a great audience.

A similar picture of the game was repeated in the fourth set, before the climax of the game, the home volleyball players were closing in on a slight lead over their opponents (17:17, 17:19) and the ending itself was very dramatic. With a score of 24:24, the referees decided the questionable ball in favor of Olymp, the Prague team won the set with a result of 26:24 and the whole match 3:1.

“I think that in the first set we managed to play good volleyball and it was even for a long time. In the second set, the girls and I didn’t play our game, but then we got going and managed to win the third set. That gave us a kick, we tried to carry it into the fourth set. In it, however, we were unable to reach the winning end in the end. Even so, I think that it was a very fighting performance from us today, I congratulate the opponents on the victory,” home captain Aneta Weidenthalerová evaluated the match.

“We wanted to confirm the good form from the match against Liberec, which we did well in the first and especially the second set. In the third, we made it more complicated, we gave the players from the bench an opportunity, because we will need them in the next difficult matches. We didn’t finish the well-played end and put the home players on a horse. They started playing vabank, they played very well until the end. However, we made it to the end, albeit with a difference of only two points. But we’ll take the points we came for, and that’s the most important thing at this moment,” said a satisfied visiting coach Stanislav Mitáč after the match.

“In the first set, we let Olymp take the lead at the beginning and we didn’t manage to reduce its lead in time. In the second set, the guests pushed us with service and they were successful in the attack and on the block, they confirmed their qualities. In the third part, our girls were able to push Olymp with service and the development of the match was suddenly completely different. The fourth set was really very exciting, with the fact that it was similar to the third set, but the end did not go our way, more or less probably because of the debatable decision of the referee in the end. But that’s over now, we won’t go back to it. The opponent won by a narrow result, congratulations to him. I thank our excellent spectators, there was a great atmosphere here,” home coach Miroslav Jehlář summarized the match.

On Saturday, November 11, Sokol Šternberk plays derby with VK Šantovka. The match will start in the UP sports hall in Olomouc at 5 p.m.

TJ Sokol Šternberk – PVK Olymp Prague 1:3 (-20, -10, 25, -24)

Referee: Novak, Pelousek. Time: 108 minutes. Spectators: 100.

Sternberg: Přibylová, Deptuchová, Laskowská, Kłodová, Weidenthalerová, Cohenová, libero: Vyjídáková. Replaced by: Kurerová.
Olymp Prague: Šmídová, Hodanová, Žáková, Brancuská, Virtová, Žáková, Šimáňová, libero Dostálova. Alternates: Průšová, Brichtová, Vlčková.

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