Ethiopian Tola ran a course record at the New York Marathon

Ethiopian Tola ran a course record at the New York Marathon
Ethiopian Tola ran a course record at the New York Marathon

Tola broke by eight seconds the previous record of the New York seduction, which had been held for 12 years by Kean Geoffrey Mutai. The 20-year-old endurance player was one second faster than in April in London, where he overtook Tet.

In Central Park today, Tola celebrated his birthday as the first Ethiopian in five years. He won the sovereign with a jump of 1:59 minutes ahead of Kean Albert Korir. For the record, he received a bonus of 50,000 dollars (1.1 million crowns) in addition to a premium of 100,000 dollars per year.

I was fourth here twice, I managed to win my aunt’s. I am very happy about it, said Tola.

the women fell short of Keanka Margaret Okayov’s track record from 2003 by about five minutes, but their loss was of late drama. Obiriov decided with a long finish, thanks to which she left Ethiopia’s Letesenbet Gidey behind by six seconds. Sharon Lokediov from Kenya lost ten seconds to her compatriot.

Obiriov, a two-time world champion in the 5,000-meter sprint, took sixth place in New York, when she was a minute and a half faster.

My losk premiere here turned out terrible. Sometimes you can learn from mistakes. She made a lot of them here a year ago and I wanted to fix it, said Obiriov.

Former Slovakian hockey player Zdeno Chra was among the 50,000 residents. He finished some of the NHL’s longest games with 206 centimeters in a time of 3:19:19. For the last Stanley Cup game with Boston in 2011, it was the fifth marathon of the year. He reached Boston in 3:38:23.

New York Marathon

Mui: 1. Tola (Et.) 2:04:58, 2. Korir (Kea) 2:06:57, 3. Kitata (Et.) 2:07:11.

women: 1. Obiriov (Kea) 2:27:23, 2. Gideyov (Et.) 2:27:29, 3. Lokediov (Kea) 2:27:33.

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