Woman stabbed in Lyon released from hospital. Attacks against Jews are increasing

Woman stabbed in Lyon released from hospital. Attacks against Jews are increasing
Woman stabbed in Lyon released from hospital. Attacks against Jews are increasing

The woman was interviewed by police during her hospitalization, her lawyer Stéphane Draï said on Sunday, according to AFP. The authorities are investigating the act as attempted murder, no one has been arrested yet.

The assailant, dressed in black and with his face partially covered, rang the doorbell at the woman’s door and stabbed her twice after she answered the door. The family of the victim found a knife and a swastika spray-painted on the door at the scene. According to the prosecutor’s office, the motive for the attack could have been anti-Semitic.

According to the lawyer, the attacked woman filed a criminal complaint. The lawyer warned against jumping to conclusions about an anti-Semitic motive, saying that the woman was getting a divorce. “Until the investigation is completed, there is a need to act cautiously and decisively,” said Draï.

The attack was condemned by politicians and representatives of religious communities. The number of anti-Semitic acts in France has risen sharply since the attack on Israel by Hamas in early October. Since October 7, authorities in France have registered 857 anti-Semitic acts, roughly the same as for the whole of last year, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said on Sunday.

A life in fear

Jews in Europe are once again living in fear, the European Commission said in a statement on Sunday, condemning a rise in anti-Semitism since fighting broke out between Israel and the radical Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip. There are so many signs, attacks and demonstrations that they remind of the dark times of the past, the executive of the European Union also stated.

“The rise in anti-Semitic incidents across Europe in recent days has reached unprecedented levels, reminiscent of some of the darkest times in history. European Jews are once again living in fear today,” the European Commission said.

The EU executive recalls some attacks in recent days, such as Molotov cocktails thrown at a synagogue in Germany, Jewish stars on buildings in France, a vandalized Jewish cemetery in Austria or attacks on Jewish shops and synagogues in Spain. It promises to stand by Jewish communities across Europe in these difficult times and to continue to respect the rights of all minorities.

The Commission condemns anti-Semitic acts because they are “contrary to the basic values ​​and way of life” of Europeans and contradict the social model that the entire European Union represents.

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