Israel cut off telephone and internet access to Gaza again, Jordan helped the hospital

Israel cut off telephone and internet access to Gaza again, Jordan helped the hospital
Israel cut off telephone and internet access to Gaza again, Jordan helped the hospital

Today we have northern Gaza and another Gaza, said Daniel Hagari of the Israeli army, according to The Times of Israel news website. Thus, he stated that the soldiers will allow civilians to leave the north of Gaza, where, according to Saturday’s Washington release, 400,000 people remained.

The Israeli army claimed during the week that it had completed the siege of the city of Gaza, now Hagari said that the troops had reached the battle and were holding it. At first it appeared in the media that Israeli forces were operating on the northern, southern and eastern outskirts of Gaza City. According to the Israeli military, they could enter it within 48 hours.

The Israelis declare this area to be the main cause of Hamsa, who on January 7 undertook an unprecedented attack on Israeli land and killed 1,400 people and kidnapped more than 200. Israel declared its aim to destroy the militant group and launched a ground invasion last weekend in response to the continued bombardment of the Gaza Strip. This development was also caused by the distance of Palestinians from the Internet and telephone lines.

The Palestinian communications company Paltel announced the new incident, saying that the Israeli side had disconnected the servers.

We regret to announce the complete breakdown of communications and Internet services in Gaza, said Paltel, which is the largest telecommunications service provider in the Gaza Strip, according to Reuters. According to the BBC, the hack was confirmed by the organization Netblocks, which monitors access to the Internet in the world. According to him, the Palestinians experienced a blackout in the last month.

The distance from the Internet and telephone connection is another new phase of the Israeli offensive, and it should deepen the chaos that prevails in the densely populated area as a result of the massive Israeli bombing.

Without connections, hospitals and ambulances cannot contact people who need immediate care. All communication channels must be restored immediately, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the World Health Organization responded to the new incident.

The Palestinian Red Crescent rescue organization said today that it had once again lost contact with its members in Gaza. A spokeswoman for the UN agency for Palestinian refugee women in the Middle East (UNRWA) told the AP agency that the agency had lost contact with the vast majority of its female workers during the war.

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In the meantime, the government of Hamsem announced that the Israelis were carrying out airstrikes on cities around hospitals in the north of Gaza, including hospital fa, before an Israeli drone hit an ambulance. Today, the Israeli army again accused Hamas of using the hospital for its operations with the purpose of anti-Jewish state. Spokesman Hagari then announced, according to the AFP agency, that the Israelis had carried out serious raids yesterday, which will continue at night and in the following days.

According to the BBC, a cloud rose over Gaza yesterday, with a correspondent outside the area reporting that the new wave of Israeli bombardment appeared to be the strongest since the January influx of Hamas. tb CNN television in the city of Sderot, near the borders of the Gaza Strip, again observed several explosions and flares in the direction of the Palestinian land.

According to officials in Gaza, the Israeli bombardment since January 7 has killed 10,000 people, including women and children. The invasion of Gaza cost the lives of at least 29 Israeli soldiers.

Jordan provided generous assistance

Early Monday morning, the Jordanian Air Force airdropped emergency medical aid in the form of medical supplies to the Jordanian Field Hospital in the Gaza Strip. According to the Reuters agency, King Abdallh II of Jordan announced it. on sti X and so sttn media.

A Royal Air Force plane dropped emergency medical aid using a parachute to the Jordanian field hospital in Gaza, whose resources are running low due to the delay in the delivery of aid by the Rafah infantry, the Jordanian state agency said, citing a military source from the Jordanian Armed Forces.

Last week, Jordan announced the removal of its ambassador to Israel, and told him not to send his ambassador back to Ammen. Jordan did so in protest against the ongoing Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which, according to Ammon, kills innocent people and causes a humanitarian disaster.

Health officials in the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Islamist movement Hams, claim that more than 9,770 Palestinians have been killed so far. The wolf was unleashed by the savage flow of Hamsu on the other side of Israel on January 7, when it killed 1,400 people and took away more than 240 hostages.

The spokesman of the Israeli army, Jonathan Conricus, said on CNN television on Sunday that in the last two days, Israel has been closing the northern Gaza Strip for several hours to allow civilians to leave safely to the south. Israel came from different sides of the pressure to declare humanitarian aid in the fighting.

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