Fiscal discipline will fail. Interest pain awaits “drug-addicted” industries –

Fiscal discipline will fail. Interest pain awaits “drug-addicted” industries –
Fiscal discipline will fail. Interest pain awaits “drug-addicted” industries –

Last week brought a long-awaited answer to the increasingly impatient question of when the Fed will stop raising interest rates. From the “body language” of Jerome Powell at his press conference after the regular meeting and a fairly decent barrage of speeches by the board members, the market concluded that there will be no further increases in the foreseeable future. The prices of government bonds, which fell into increasingly threatening losses throughout 2023, experienced a rally. Equity indexes, which settled below major moving averages before the session, also miraculously bounced back. Traders and investors got their long-deprived dose of dopamine.

However, this initially positive conclusion of the two-year campaign to tighten the interest rate environment hides changes that are very problematic for many economic entities. First of all, it is necessary to realize that the interest rate, which has risen from dead hibernation to non-zero values, will play a very significant role in the economic decision-making of consumers, investors and entrepreneurs in the future. It is no coincidence that the increase has taken place at a time when the world is once again splitting into two political camps with incompatible systems of governance. The need to deglobalize trade flows and ensure defense will be superior to fiscal discipline, so the only weapon against the threat of inflation will be monetary instruments, among which the interest rate is the most important.

Unpleasant effects will be experienced by the “drug-addicted” industries, which are especially the real estate business and startup business. Non-zero interest rates will have a positive effect on banking, primarily European banking. A non-zero interest rate, which is, among other things, the price of money, means that banks will trade with something that has a non-zero value, which is clearly an advantage. Another branch is savings, whether short-term or pension. Investments in risk-free government bonds will become an essential part of portfolios alongside the hitherto preferred stocks. People will be forced to take care of their savings more actively if they do not want them to lose their purchasing power. All this will bring new products and new approaches.

After last week, we can declare that the modern financial normal has passed its first meeting. In the coming break, we can enjoy a glass of white along with the “Santa Claus rally” on the US stock indexes, reminisce about the old days and look forward to the second act, which will surely be even more interesting than the first.


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