A tragedy shrouded in silence. The violent death in Jablonec was supposed to be the result of a family conflict

A tragedy shrouded in silence. The violent death in Jablonec was supposed to be the result of a family conflict
A tragedy shrouded in silence. The violent death in Jablonec was supposed to be the result of a family conflict

A tragedy shrouded in silence – Criminal investigators continue to investigate Saturday’s violent death behind the walls of a gutted house near the center of Jablonec nad Nisou. Since the suspect is a young man who was not even eighteen years old, an information embargo applies. The police only specified on Monday that it was a conflict between relatives within one family.

Neighbors were still talking about a fight between two 16-year-olds on Sunday, but the CNN Prima NEWS reporter later found out from sources close to the investigation that the victim was an older man. It is not clear what kind of family relationship they had with the juvenile attacker.

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According to some sources, there was supposed to be another young man at the scene, allegedly the attacker’s cousin, who was supposed to end up in hospital with injuries. However, it was not possible to verify this information – the criminal investigators forbade the rescuers who intervened on the spot to provide any information.

None of the neighbors noticed the conflict itself. “Because of the noise from the road, we have very insulated windows, and we also had the blinds closed. We only noticed it when the beacons of the ambulances and police cars were flashing,” a resident of the house across the street told the reporter. “Criminal officers were interested in the cameras we have on the house, whether they are covering the opposite house. We have them aimed downwards at the cars, so they don’t scan the other side,” she added.

The young man who was supposed to attack with a knife fled the scene after the crime. Therefore, a large-scale search operation was immediately launched, which eventually ended beyond the city limits. According to one of the participants in the search, one of the detectives encountered the young man on the run on the road leading to the neighboring village.

It is not clear what the fate of the detainee will be. Police have not said if he has been charged. They only revealed that the case was taken over by the regional criminal investigators, who investigate the most serious acts of violence, including murders. According to an experienced lawyer, the boy may end up in custody despite his young age.

“Of course, it is necessary to approach this extremely sensitively, custody should always be the most extreme solution,” said attorney Michal Tandler. According to him, custody in these cases is often replaced by the guarantee of a relative or the supervision of a probation officer.

If the detectives prove to the young man that he intentionally killed the man, he faces half the sentence before the court. “In the case of murder, it would be a maximum of ten years,” said the lawyer.

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