Apolena is slowly losing her sight: Only surgery can save her


Apolena says of herself, that she is energetic, full of vigor and still has some plans. But she lives alone, in a rented apartment, has no relatives and has to take care of herself. For that he needs one of the most valuable human senses – sight.

“In recent years, I have supported myself as a translator of professional and fiction texts for individual contracts about the work and at the same time I wrote articles for a magazine with a cultural-historical theme,” says Apolena about herself. In the meantime she tried to find a permanent job to have a stable income.

Apolena: My condition is getting worse

He was in Apollon four months ago the vitreous was surgically removed from both eyes. “As I had already at that time cataracts in the initial stage in his moderately severe myopiaI was warned that after this operation my cataract will progress quickly and that I must not delay its operation“, the woman describes. But her condition is rapidly deteriorating. She still needed it in March Diopter number 5, now 13.

“I stop looking at the computer and I have trouble looking at the mobile phone. I practically marvel at working on the computer only with the left eye, because they cannot distinguish any text with the right. My vision is blurry even up close, and when I look at car lights, I get a “halo effect.” because it’s all blurry to me“, Apolena continues.

A costly operation

She had Apolena in September undergo surgery on both eyes at one of the Prague clinics. The but it costs 55,800 crowns. Unfortunately, the insurance company does not cover such an operation.

“But in June, the boss for whom I was translating he had an accident and had to have surgery. Our cooperation is therefore interrupted,” adds Apolena, adding that she now finds herself without income. Has no tedy neither for surgery nor for the recovery period.

That’s why she decided to start a collection on the Donio platform and is asking for help.

“The selected funds me, as I hope they will help save the sight and overcome the recovery period, to not only return to a full life, but also as soon as possible I found a suitable job in which I could use my skills and acquired professional experience,” he wishes Apollen, and adds that if more money is raised than he needs, he intends it through Donia to donate them to someone who will be in need as much as she is.

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