Love at first sight through the eyes of science and faith


Maybe it happened to you too. At an event, in a bar or even on the street, you will see someone on whom your gaze rests longer than usual. You feel a rush of attraction, and then when you start talking, you feel like you could talk for hours.

Maybe you’ll only be together for a while and then the person will disappear from your vicinity forever, or maybe you’ve found a soul mate. You can’t get her out of your head anyway – falling in love at first sight isn’t as unusual as it seems. What really happens in such moments of “falling in love”, described through the eyes of science?

Attraction as the cornerstone of love

Although some people develop a friendship first and then an attraction develops into a romantic relationship, the truth is that most relationships begin with attraction. It is that force that “makes” you meet someone new and also fills the early days of your relationship.

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You feel that you are in love because something about that person affects you – perfume, looks or whatever. While there is no doubt that attraction is a good basis for love, it is not love itself. This requires two other factors (intimacy and commitment), which will only develop over time.

“Knowledge” that is built before the actual meeting

In many cases, the words “on the face of it” are somewhat incorrect. People claim to have fallen in love with someone they don’t know, but they often already “know” them by accident.

“Perhaps you have seen the person in question somewhere before in a bar, maybe it is a new friend of your friends. It is not so likely that you will fall in love with someone whom you have never seen before in your life. You’re more likely to use such a term retrospectively if your first real-life encounter turns out the way you imagined it to be,” neuroscientist Lucy L. Brown and biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, who are behind the Anatomy of love project, explain on the topic.

“Metaphysical Connection”

According to certain metaphysical belief systems, souls are divided when they descend from heaven to earth. Then when those “kin” meet, it is more of a reunion than a completely new meeting.


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Some people hold the opinion that there can be several such souls, others believe in only one “fated”. And even if you don’t believe it, the fact is that after many casual acquaintances, you can suddenly come across “that one or the other with whom you can sit down without much difficulty”.

The truth is that love at first sight cannot be completely confirmed or denied. Some people simply feel a connection at the first meeting, while others take longer. In both cases, however, the relationship must be worked on in order for true love to manifest.

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