The Czech TV documentary completely ignores reality. It offers a distorted view of the German multicultural metropolis of Berlin

The Czech TV documentary completely ignores reality. It offers a distorted view of the German multicultural metropolis of Berlin
The Czech TV documentary completely ignores reality. It offers a distorted view of the German multicultural metropolis of Berlin

Czech Television’s new documentary cycle “The Six Senses of Berlin” continues its purposeful effort to present some countries of the European Union to viewers as successful multicultural communities. Unfortunately, however, it premieres at a time when optimistic visions and rosy dreams are beginning to fade every day and when the German media themselves are warning about what is happening in their country.

The first episode of this series, called “Touch”, creates an idyllic impression. It offers the story of several Czechs who decided to live in the German capital and show their enthusiasm. Tater Marek boasts that he half works and half enjoys Berlin. Filmmakers follow him in Berlin’s “Neukölln” district, where veiled women and dark-skinned men predominate on the streets.

“Berlin with me it touches the most with freedom. Everyone who comes here is who they want to be, everyone does what they want here and no one cares,” says Marek. He praises the colorfulness here, which he says enriches and inspires him. He is convinced that the people here certainly value freedom.

Somewhat surprisingly, however, he admits that in Berlin (that is, the capital of Germany, famous for its cleanliness and order), “it’s a mess”, but according to him, you have to accept it as it is. After all, it cannot be overlooked that all around walls, houses and columns are “sprayed” with various inscriptions, and some places of the famous “multi-cult” district certainly do not look attractive.

Love conquers all

Another enthusiast, the likeable dancer and choreographer Jiří, confides that he “came out” shortly after arriving in Berlin nineteen years ago. And because love transports mountains, his partner also moved to him from Prague and today they have a three-year-old son, Kylián. The decision to live and raise a child in Germany was said to be influenced by the fact that there is a “normal environment”.

At the same time, he was in no way confronted with the fact that crime has increased sharply in Berlin due to the influx of migrants and that some parts of the city are controlled by organized gangs. Mass rapes, thefts and assaults occur in large parks, but the police do not manage the situation, which is criticized by the public and politicians.

Everyone does what they want.

Masseuse and graphic designer Žaneta, who decided to move from the Czech Republic to Berlin, does not spare her praise either. For example, over the fact that in Berlin everyone is able to transform the places where they live: “It scares me he likes that a person creates what he lacks and does not ask. People simply occupy some public space and create something beautiful there.”

All the actors agree that Berlin is a city of freedom, where everyone can really do what they want, like smoking, taking drugs, etc. But it also has its dark side, which is not discussed at all in this enthusiastic documentary.

An avalanche of hate

The generous tolerance that everyone can do what they want in this country, which is too welcoming to newcomers, has now brought Germany into such a serious situation that even the most widely read newspaper “Bild” is warning about it. In the wake of the giant demonstrations currently taking place in the big cities, he states that they are spreading an avalanche of hatred from people who fight against the German way of life, despise the laws and even teach their children to hate others. According to Bild, this trend has been brewing for a long time.

And while the Czech Television shows the Neukölln district as a wonderful place to live, where people value freedom, love and each other, the German media brings shocking information about the holding of mass events, glorifying terrorists and declaring war on the West and Christians.

Sources: Czech Television, Bild, CNN Prima News

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