Flight attendant Lence is running out of time. The Czechs sent her 5 million for treatment within 24 hours


Unfortunately, the army flight attendant Lenka Růžková found out firsthand how aggressive cancer can be. When she felt the lump on her stomach, she didn’t expect it to be something serious. Unfortunately, however, it was malignant melanoma, a manifestation of the most aggressive form of skin cancer. The tumor deprived Lenka of her health, but not her faith. Czechs have already contributed over 5 million crowns to her treatment abroad, but she mainly wants as many people as possible to learn about this disease.

Lenka Růžková is fighting an aggressive form of cancer, malignant melanoma

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Lenka Růžková is an army flight attendant at the 24th Air Transport Base Prague-Kbely. However, at the age of 36, she cannot enjoy life the way women her age do. She became ill with the most aggressive form of cancer, malignant melanoma, which is now in its final fourth stage. Unfortunately, the doctors informed her that there was no more help for her in the Czech Republic. However, there is a foreign treatment in Germany that offers the possibility of successful treatment. And as in the case of the little one Martinka, which we informed you about in the past, the amount for the treatment was collected within 24 hours and the collection is still running. But Lenka wishes that as many people as possible learn about the insidious disease. This is the only way to prevent dying from skin cancer to a certain extent.

Who is what she wanted

Not long ago, she was a great athlete who would do anything for others, and according to her friends, she is an incredibly nice woman. “I don’t know anyone around me who knows how to live, and especially enjoy life and love it, like Lenka. Unfortunately, a year ago she became seriously ill with oncology. She doesn’t have much time left and she needs help so that she can undergo promising treatment abroad,” explains her friend Petra Kubíková.

Know skin cancer:

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Lenka has devoted her entire life to the profession of flight attendant, thus combining her two great hobbies of traveling and working with people. Five years ago, she fulfilled her big dream, went through the basic training of the Army of the Czech Republic and took up the position of flight attendant of the government squadron. She was immensely fulfilled by her work and everything in her life was going according to plan. She and her partner were planning a wedding and a baby. Unfortunately, instead of a baby, an insidious disease came.

Finding a suspicious lump

It’s been exactly a year since Lenka felt a lump on her stomach, which she thought was an ordinary fat mass. However, the results of the histology turned Lence and her family’s life upside down. It was a metastasis of malignant melanoma, which is currently the most aggressive and deadliest form of skin cancer.

“The examination subsequently showed multiple metastases in the subcutaneous tissue, lungs, pleura, peritoneum and ovaries,” claims Lenka’s friend, who founded the collection for her, in the collection on the Donio platform.

“I still feel like I’m in a bad dream that I can’t wake up from. At the age of 35, I heard that I was in the fourth stage. The all-knowing Google told me that the fifth stage does not exist,” Lenka recently shared about her health status on social networks with her friends.

The most aggressive form of skin cancer – malignant melanoma:“Malignant melanoma is a malignant skin tumor with the potential to metastasize. The number of sick people is still rising. In Europe today, the incidence is around fifteen new patients per 100,000 inhabitants per year. It mainly affects people with white skin, both sexes equally,” the magazine claims Oncology CS. Depending on the thickness of the primary tumor, the ten-year survival rate ranges from 99 to 15%. However, the most important thing, according to available sources, is to detect a skin tumor in time. In that case, it can be easily removed and the risk of health complications and death decreases significantly. “Treatment of metastasizing melanoma belongs to the hands of the surgeon and the oncologist, but unfortunately it is still relatively unsuccessful,” claims the magazine Onkologie CS.

Modern treatments have failed

Therefore, modern biological treatment was started immediately. From the beginning, everything looked promising, metastatic depression set in, Lenka felt good and was happy for each new day. After half a year, however, another metastasis appeared, this time on the brain. She was immediately treated with the Gamma Knife, but Lence’s illness proved once again how strong she could be. Despite all the care and efforts of the treating doctors, however, all treatment options for this insidious form of cancer have now been exhausted, and doctors in the Czech Republic are no longer able to help Lena.

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“Despite the fate and the cruel prognosis, I decided to fight, I feel a huge inner strength and I simply don’t want to die yet. Unfortunately, all the possibilities of the Czech healthcare system regarding my oncology treatment have been exhausted and there is no further help for me,” says Lenka, who, however, is not afraid of death, but fights for every day because, according to her, she has something and someone to live for.

Hope for life in Germany

The only chance is foreign treatment, which, however, is not covered by public health insurance funds.

“In Germany, however, there is great hope for Lenka. This is a personalized oncology therapy as well as a treatment using oncolytic viruses. These therapies are targeted precisely at patients for whom everything else has failed and they have excellent results,” says Petra Kubíková, founder of the collection and friend of Lenka, about the only treatment option. However, this is an extremely financially demanding matter, and without the help of other people, Lenka will not be able to cope with her fight.

“In my case, it really is true that there is no time to waste, which is why I am starting treatment in Germany already next week. For now, my family and I are covering the costs associated with it ourselves, but we will not be able to do it in the long term without your help and solidarity,” soldier Lenka asked on social networks not only her friends, but also everyone whose heart is in the right place. He does not ask thousands from individuals, but units from thousands.

“At the same time, I have one more big request for all of you, please check the marks on yourself and your loved ones and do not underestimate prevention, find time and go to a dermatologist. Melanoma, although often inconspicuous at first, is real crap,” Lenka says from her own experience about the most aggressive form of cancer.

Reactions of friends and people

When Lenka shared her story via social networks, there were a lot of reactions from her friends. And words of support are no less important than money at this moment. Because as they say, a healthy mind is half the health, as well as faith in healing.

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That’s why @Venda Pekárková Matoušková tried to give strength to her friend: “Leni, the treatment in Germany is a miracle. I’m sure the doctor explained it to you like he did to me. Surely the amount will be collected and you will be cured. You are an incredible fighter and a great role model for the rest of us. It will turn out well. Faith is most important.”

Monika Hudymačová, deputy head of the dermatology department of the Silesian Hospital in Opava, talks about the risks of birthmarks and melanomas:

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For example, @Tereza Pisani also wrote one of the posts: “Leni, I can’t believe what you’re going through. But on the contrary, I believe, I really believe, that you are a great fighter and that you will not be defeated. I keep my fingers crossed and wish you a lot of strength.”

Colleague Vladimír Kosina also sent a message: “Léňa, I firmly believe that we will fly together again someday!”

The Army of the Czech Republic also promised help

The Army of the Czech Republic subsequently joined the collection, when Senior Warrant Officer Peter Smik challenged his colleagues on social networks. “When I stopped seeing her on board our planes about a year ago, I thought she was probably on a course somewhere. Unfortunately, she was not and is not on the course. A week ago, her partner, my friend, called me and I haven’t had tears in my eyes for a long time. Lenka is fighting her hardest fight in her life right now,” he told his 12,000 followers.

And he immediately called on them all to help the sick colleague and friend. “If every one of my followers sent Lenky 100 crowns for treatment, we would collect a quarter of the total amount from my account alone. Lazy, I wish you to fight it out. We love you,” Lence also told the followers.

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