A beautiful cake for round cakes. This year, there will be three, four-week gold coin sweepstakes


From Monday, January 9th, the Megagame for pennies and gold coins from the Czech Mint started on the iDNES.cz portal. Every day you can play for a financial prize of 1,000 K, the main prize is gold coins worth half a million crowns. Every week we play for a gold investment coin worth 30 thousand crowns. Petr Bibrle from Nchodsko, who works in a brewery, became the fourth winner of this weekly award.

Congratulations on the weekly premium! Is this your first game? What do you dream?
Once upon a time, I won a similar jackpot in sports, and then I paid for the wedding with that. This year, I got a coin to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding and a limited timepiece at work. Even the coins from your collection must measure the fraternal value, make me think that I will complete my collection and keep those things for the next generation.

Soute on iDNES.cz asto?
I tried it with you for the first time, I agree with quite simple rules, where I don’t have to do anything big beyond what I usually do on a news website, that is, if there are links.

Do you also have to activate Premium, which game is appropriate?
It recently expired, I have to renew it again! I ate a lot of premium links.

How are your favorite sections?
I want to have an overview, almost everything here. I am interested in politics, the good news house. I’ve been following rd and Technet since he met.

Will you continue in Megaha?
Urit, I’ll try the main game as well.

st and won

In addition to those investment coins in the value of 30,000 K, since the start of the campaign, we have given away 28 wins worth 1,000 K. The lottery always takes place the following day at 10 o’clock.

The contest will run from Monday, June 9, 2023 to Sunday, November 19, 2023. The condition for participation in the contest is general registration at iDNES.cz. In this term, we mix the gold coin symbol into the appropriate selected links on the rubrics.

You can collect a point by clicking on the coin icon. Every coin collected is added to the daily and total score, which you can find on your card game.

Those who collect at least ten coins during the day are placed in a lottery with a daily premium of K 1,000. If you manage to collect one hundred coins during a calendar week, you can compete for a gold investment coin esk lion 2023. The weight of this gold coin of the esk mint with a ring 2023 in one half of a troy ounce with a value of 30 thousand crowns.

Doubles on iDNES Premium

In iDNES Premium links, every collected coin will have a double value! This means that direct users will get to the gold coin stores faster.

Each participant who collects at least 600 coins in the final formula advances to the lottery for the main prize, which is a set of gold investment coins of the Czech Mint with a total value of 500,000 K (the exact value is subject to change, it is determined according to the current price of gold on the market) . The essence of this set is also a unique investment coin esk lev 2023 with a Raen hologram proof.

For each additional 600 coins raised, he advanced to the grand prize draw. For example if he collects 1,200 coins, it is in the word twice, if he collects 1,800 coins, then a ticker and so on.

The tournament is subject to the rules that you can find here and the general rules of MAFRA, as tennis and marketing tournaments that you can find here.

Vherci denn primie

date vhra the name of the gamer
9. 10. 1000 K Michael Novk
10. 10. 1000 K Joseph Macho
11. 10. 1000 K Josef Londa
12. 10. 1000 K Marek Nmeek
13. 10. 1000 K Pavel Machovk
14. 10. 1000 K David Zimk
15. 10. 1000 K Kamil Preiss
16. 10. 1000 K But ek
17. 10. 1000 K Petr Vlask
18. 10. 1000 K tpnka Hnzdilov
19. 10. 1000 K Petr Apek
20. 10. 1000 K Leona mov
21. 10. 1000 K Josef ervenec
22. 10. 1000 K Councilor Kamil
23. 10. 1000 K Lucie Blechov
24. 10. 1000 K Michal Kotl
25. 10. 1000 K Tom Gardener
26. 10. 1000 K Josef Ndrask
27. 10. 1000 K Such a bow
28. 10. 1000 K Petr Kopiva
29. 10. 1000 K Daniel Kavanagh
30. 10. 1000 K Bohuslav Picmaus
31. 10. 1000 K Jarmila Fialov
1. 11. 1000 K Petra Jankov
2. 11. 1000 K Karin Pacholkov
3. 11. 1000 K Ladislav Triska
4. 11. 1000 K Hana Kov
5. 11. 1000 K Ji Stejskal
6. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/7 at 10:00
7. 11. 1000 K we will draw on November 8 at 10:00 a.m
8. 11. 1000 K we will draw on November 9 at 10:00 a.m
9. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 10.11. at 10:00
10. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/11 at 10:00
11. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/12 at 10:00
12. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/13 at 10:00 a.m
13. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/14 at 10:00 a.m
14. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/15 at 10:00 a.m
15. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/16 at 10:00 a.m
16. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/17 at 10:00 a.m
17. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/18 at 10:00 a.m
18. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/19 at 10:00 a.m
19. 11. 1000 K we will draw on 11/20 at 10:00 a.m

Vherci weekly average

date vhra the name of the gamer
from 9 to 15 October gold coins
for K29,000
Petr Hlavsa
from 16 to 22 October gold coins
for K29,000
Petr Matjka
from 23 to 29 October gold coins
for K29,000
Radek Rosol
from 30/10 to 5/11 gold coins
for K29,000
Petr Bibrle
from 6 to 12 November gold coins
for K29,000
we will draw on 11/13 at 10:00 a.m
from 13 to 19 November gold coins
for K29,000
we will draw on 11/20 at 10:00 a.m

Main game

The main prize in Megaha is investment coins for an approximate value 500,000K.

Player of the main game: we will draw on 11/20 at 10:00 a.m

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