Best Selling Memoirs: Britney Spears Vs. prince harry

Best Selling Memoirs: Britney Spears Vs. prince harry
Best Selling Memoirs: Britney Spears Vs. prince harry

Pop singer Britney Spears’ memoir was published at the end of October. In pre-sale, the title Woman In Me is sold in book form, to be followed by an audiobook read by Hollywood actress Michelle Williams. After the first week, publishing house Simon & Schuster reports that over 1.1 million units have been sold in the US alone.

The book had a circulation of 1.4 million copies, which means that a large part was sold out in the first wave of pre-sales. “That’s why we immediately ordered a reprint,” the publisher said in a press release.

At the top of the list

Both the publisher and the singer herself can be satisfied, because the book rose to first place on the prestigious list of The New York Times Best Sellers in the non-fiction category thanks to high sales.

With heavy losses in the amount of hundreds of thousands of copies, it is followed by the long-awaited Prequel book by the author Rachel Maddow about the American fight against fascism, the political memoirs of the US Senate matador Mitt Romney or the biography of the American actor and singer John Stamos. A bestseller about billionaire Elon Musk closes the top five best-selling books for the seventh week.

Royal paid manuscript

Prince Harry’s memoir called Spare had the most successful start this year. They sold over 1.6 million units in the United States in the first week. However, the book subsequently experienced a deep fall in sales, while the singer’s publication is still in the top ranks. In the book, Spears describes the beginnings of her career and the time just before she stopped making public appearances in 2016 in protest against her father’s guardianship (now the forty-one-year-old singer’s life was decided by Jamie Spears until 2021).

She is said to have been paid royally for the manuscript. According to excerpts from the contract published in an American tabloid, she was to receive fifteen million dollars (over 341 million crowns) from the publisher for writing the biography, which makes her the highest paid celebrity author.

Spears reportedly turned down a TV interview with American TV legend Oprah Winfrey and all other talk shows. However, other stars did the promotion for it: for example, singers Mariah Carey and Demi Lovato spoke highly of the book. Popular presenter Jimmy Kimmel drew from the book several times.

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