Major League Soccer – What made Lionel Messi angry with the famous streamer Adin Ross?


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Lionel Messi already has a home in Miami. He managed to get a house, which he was vying for with Adin Ross, a well-known and disgustingly rich American streamer and influencer, through his parents. He doesn’t take it too well to lose the battle for a beautiful house worth more than 10 million dollars, which should be only 15 minutes away from Inter Miami’s stadium.

Lionel Messi has been in Miami since July. Until now, the star of the local Inter and the biggest football star of the entire MLS and the entire continent, lived in a wonderful apartment on the coast in Miami. He probably didn’t have the worst time there either, but of course he wanted his own house with a garden and everything he was used to in Barcelona, ​​for example. Now it looks like he got lucky. He bought a house for $10.8 million about 15 minutes from Inter Miami’s stadium. The Argentinian icon will not have far to go to work, which is apparently a very pleasant change for him.

But there was a lot of interest in the house. Streamer and internet superstar Adin Ross was also interested in buying it. He became famous in 2019 for streaming NBA 2K, since then he has collected millions of followers on his social networks. He was significantly frustrated by the loss. He immediately shared with his fans that he had to keep looking and that the person who bought the house for more than 200 million crowns was a professional athlete. A moment later he spoke more and concealed who it was. It was about Lionel Messi. He is probably the most respected person in all of Florida right now.

“It’s not that I’m poor. I just couldn’t make it in time. I saw the house, but they were already in contact with others. That professional athlete was Messi. I think it was Messi’s parents. Or was it his grandparents? I don’t fucking know who it was. Before, they wanted it for their grandchildren or some shit like that. They were playing a game with them. I don’t know, they just got it,” Adin Ross said.

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