The doctor quit. “I haven’t seen such an absurd reason,” responded the superior


photo: Vít Hassan,, illustration photo had the opportunity to speak with a member of the supervisory board of an important healthcare holding. The meeting of the highest body took place at the end of October. We initially discussed the doctors’ salaries with the manager in question.

Finally, he drew our attention to a paradox that, according to him, “still rings in his ears” and which happened in an unnamed district hospital.

The approximately thirty-six-year-old doctor worked here in traumatology, then in surgery. The editors know his name. Given his profession, it was obvious that he had to serve regularly. Eventually, however, this doctor left.

According to our source, the reasons were so absurd that they reached the aforementioned supervisory board of the holding.

“Mr. Doctor first went to the primary doctor and told him that he was not satisfied with the number of night shifts. That he needs sleep to be fit. His superior tried to accommodate him and together they put together a new schedule. In the next month, the situation repeated itself. The headmaster already cleared that up, because something didn’t seem right to him. He asked colleagues how exactly he envisioned night shifts. He answered him with a completely serious face that he imagined them as at home. The headmaster looked at him and said that it still has to last, that the number of night patients is not determined by him, but by the situation,” explained the man from the background of the supervisory board.

We wrote

At its Monday meeting, the City Council of Prague approved the plan for a public contract for the construction of the Palata II building, which is to be built…

Exceptional case

“A week later, we are already talking about September of this year, the young doctor came to see the primary doctor again and he had a written notice in his hand. When asked the real reason, the person replied that he couldn’t get over being woken up so many times a night. The primary still did not understand, but he said he no longer had the strength to undergo this pointless debate. After all, he wanted to know if the doctor had another place for more money. He responded that he didn’t have one, but that he could see it somewhere on the perimeter. He doesn’t get up there and there isn’t that much stress and tension.”

However, according to our source from the supervisory board, this is an isolated case. According to him, such curious statements do not happen.

“I’m a doctor myself and I’ve been through practice, so I know what’s appropriate and appropriate. I have never seen such a reason in my entire career. Some people confuse the terms. The work of a doctor is a mission. Those who do not understand this really have no business in the field,” he added for

Finally, we wanted to know the salary of the outgoing doctor. “Of course, I know the exact amount, but due to the procedure, I will not reveal it. But it did not go below 75,000 crowns in the base,” he added.

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