EZ vs. Verbund – Actions EZ

EZ vs. Verbund – Actions EZ
EZ vs. Verbund – Actions EZ

Actions EZ – Discussion and reviews

EZ vs. Verbund

U x krt I wrote this here during the years / Lomikare sorry for the oppo – he owed me a lot of it himself / I noticed how two EZ correlated with the Verbund. Now without WFT, I have much more P/E and Verbund pesto is at half the price. The “correlation” ended at the close of 2018… peak in 2008 EZ 1435, Verbund €58.5, 2009 EZ 640, Verbund €24, 2013 EZ 430, Verbund €15, 2017 EZ 400, Verbund €15.5 … Landless production of EZ from the core, Verbund from water… After covid, EZ followed the Verbund hard and then started to repair the wall. When in January 2021 was the first split and then the EZ started to rise. Then the Verbund started to ripple and “wait” on the EZ… Now the Verbund for 84.5 EUR. EZ for 1000… the correlations have been restored even after a long time… i.e. EZ shares at 2000… when it “correlated” for almost 20 years, it will “correlate” sometime in the future after the growth of the sry and if not this zzah EZ would be there…

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