Traveling Jagrs again in Kladno. Unfortunately, also with sadness for a friend


This time, even with sadness, a popular group of overseas fans of Jaromír Jágr, the Traveling Jagrs, came to Kladno. However, the result of the match between Jágr’s Knights against Liberec was not the cause of sadness, but rather the sad fate of one of the founders of this Canadian team, which covers stadiums in America and Europe in the jerseys of all the teams for which Jaromír Jágr played. And in the wigs of his earlier haircuts.

Traveling Jagrs played hockey against the local Old Boys in Přerov.

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One of the group’s members, Trevor, who wore Jagr’s Dallas jersey, was stricken with cancer. And so the gang went on a trip to send a message across the sea for their dying friend Trevor Freeman from the birthplace of the biggest idol. They played an exhibition in Přerov and then they visited the duel between Kladno and Liberec.

“We do everything and play for Trevor. Our arrival in the Czech Republic, in Prague, in Kladno, was one of the dreams Trevor and I had. And you don’t know what it’s like to live your dream until this happens,” said Jágr wearing a New York Rangers jersey and Trevor’s cousin Tylor Keller after Friday’s exhibition in Přerov.

“Unfortunately, he has terminal cancer and is in the hospital. Dallas Jags, we will miss you. This is a tribute to you,” Keller said.

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The exhibition duel with the old Přerov gentlemen was interesting and the Canadians showed that they can play hockey as well as almost every Canadian. Some played in university, others in lower leagues. The Moravians won in the end, but narrowly 8:6.

Canadians return to the Czech Republic regularly. They arrived for the first time in 2018 for the duel between Kladno and Prostějov in the Chance league, but then they were unlucky – Jágra was knocked out of the game by a cut from Havíř by Sikora a week before. Trevor Freeman, who was ill today, said that Czechs love hockey as much as Canadians. “And we, as fans of Jaromir, want to get to know his hometown,” he said.

He also met Jágr then, but now after the match with Liberec he was no longer there. Nevertheless, there was a good mood, which even the boss of hockey Kladno had after the loss. And he promised the Canadians that when they lost all their exhibition matches in the Czech Republic, he could secure a win for them the next time they meet. “I love Czech. It’s great here. We love the food, the beer, but also the people, they are unique here. Everyone is smiling, happy. We really enjoy it,” Tylor Keller revealed to

He and all the other Traveling Jagrs are going home on Wednesday 8th November. And they will almost certainly come back again, because they really like it in the Czech Republic and Moravia.

Traveling Jargs at the Kladno – Liberec matchSource: with the permission of Michaela Zachová

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