StarDance 2023: Tatiana Drexler spoke about the criticism of the jury


November 7, 2023 2:06 p.m

Tatiana revealed to our staff that, in her opinion, this year’s year is exceptionally strong. “We rarely have such a strong line-up. Everyone dances well,” she said.

The dancer and judge also stood up for her colleague Zdenek Chlopčík (66), who sometimes does not take napkins and is harsher towards dancing celebrities than the rest of the staff.

“I think he’s very nice. I can’t imagine a nicer person than Zdeněk Chlopčík,” said Drexler.

“We are not here to make people like us. We are here to tell the truth about ballroom dancing and what dancing should look like.” added Drexler.

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Chlopčík is the only judge who sits from the front row in StarDance. Tatiana Drexler joined him in the second series and they’ve been a bit of an inseparable pair ever since.

“I think that Zdeněk is the most competent person in the Czech Republic who can talk about dance at all. We don’t have a better coach,” she said of her colleague. “I think it’s easy to accept his opinion and he’s very kind,” she added.

Surprise of the year? Adamczyk’s partner

According to her, the judge is also very excited about the connection of stars with professional dancers this year. “I think it’s a very good symbiosis. For me, dancer Jakub Mazůch is a huge enrichment of this year,” she revealed.

Mazůch dances with Eva Adamczyková (30) and the fact that Drexler likes their dances is also proven by the rating. “It was fantastic. This is so unique and ideal and so different,” she told the dancing couple in the third part after performing to the song Télo by the singer Ewa Farne.

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“I can’t find anything I don’t like about it,” Drexler assessed Adamczyková with Mazůch in the last episode. “He succeeds immensely in getting what he needs from his partner. He knows how to distinguish priorities well. What’s more important is what she can learn and what they’d rather not do and what won’t burden her head. This gives them such a fresh expression,” she added.

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In the end, the judge added that the last elimination was also a surprise for her, when singer Richard Krajčo (46) and Dominika Rošková said goodbye to the competition.

“But I’ve gotten used to it over the years. When we expect someone to drop out, someone leaves who we didn’t expect at all. That was Olga Šípková, Veronika Žilková and others who love people… So how is this possible?” she concluded the conversation.

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