How much will you pay for a goose? We asked in southern Bohemia, Austria and Germany


The St. Martin’s goose is a popular symbol of autumn gastronomy. Those who prepare it at home can take advantage of the offer of several retail chains, where you can buy a kilo for around 180 crowns in the next few days. With a weight of five kilos, it works out to one in nine hundred. In a restaurant, you need to prepare a main meal for less than five hundred, but it can be much more expensive.

St. Martin’s Day goose. Illustrative photo.

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If you want to buy a goose directly from breeders from Fishing New Castles, you have to think about it far enough in advance. According to breeding manager Nadi Hrvolová, they started accepting orders in mid-September. Now he’s out of luck. They have to wait for the next batch to finish feeding. “We have geese, but they won’t be delivered until Christmas,” says Naďa Hrvolová. The selling price among fishermen from Novi Hrad is 140 crowns per kilo of live weight. White geese weigh from less than five to over six kilograms. The customer, if circumstances permit, can also choose. “Someone wants a bigger one,” says Naďa Hrvolová, adding that this week is busy with regard to the expedition. 100 to 150 geese are sold per day.

Already plucked on the counter

Goose, already plucked, chilled or frozen, is now available in larger stores as well. According to Renata Podlahová, director of the supermarket Terno v České Budějovice, a typical exceptional sales matter tied to St. Martin’s Day. “For the time being, chickens and ducks predominate in the product range. Before St. Martin, sales at the goose will increase by leaps and bounds. Geese are still sold at Christmas, but not so much anymore,” says Renata Podlahová. And Director Terna points out that there is also great interest in wine on St. Martin’s Day. “We always have St. Martin’s wines from two wineries, which we alternate,” adds Renata Podlahová. If she had to compare her rather limited interest in the goose to something, then according to director Terna, it would be nuts or almonds for baking in the run-up to Christmas.

Recipe for roasted St. Martin’s goose according to Marie Kovářová

In Tern, according to the leaflet, a kilo of frozen geese costs 169.90 crowns per kilo from November 8 to 14, and the total weight of the geese is between 3.6 and 4.6 kilos. In Kaufland from November 8 to 11, according to the leaflet, you will pay 179.90 kroner for a kilo of chilled goose with offal, in Lidl from 6 to 12 November for a chilled goose with offal, 179.90 kroner per kilo, and in Billa, according to the leaflet, you will pay from From November 8 to 14, 159.90 crowns per kilo of chilled goose.

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In a restaurant with an apple

Golden-baked goose is also offered in restaurants. For example in the U Karel IV inn. in České Budějovice they are preparing a portion of goose leg, potato wedges with two types of cabbage and baked apple with cranberries for 479 crowns. In the Šindlovská tavern within sight of the South Bohemian metropolis, they have a quarter of goose roasted on apples with Karlovy Vary and potato dumpling and red and white cabbage for 465 crowns, and as an option they offer half a duck instead of a goose and the portion then costs 325 crowns. In the Šindlovská tavern, they have a whole “goose” menu, from pate with glazed pears and a baguette (135 crowns) to caldoun (65 crowns) to the main course and dessert, as well as St. Martin’s wine.

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The interest of customers has almost filled all three days when the St. Martin’s menu will be served in the pub. “Compared to last year, there are more reservations. Maybe this year people will book a place more in advance so they don’t miss it,” says restaurant owner Radek Voleman. He adds, however, that the event is spread over three days, from Friday lunch to Sunday evening, so that guests’ interest can be spread out. Compared to last year, the main course has become slightly more expensive, but according to Radek Voleman, it is only in the order of ten crowns.

Goose beyond the borders

And how much can you buy a goose for? in neighboring countries? The South Bohemians can head mainly to Austria. There, for example, the stores of the Hofer chain in Freistadt or Bad Leonfelden offer goose for 9.99 euros per kilo in their flyers. Billa in Gmünd offers goose breasts in a flyer for 14.99 euros per kilo. For example, duck can be purchased at Norma in Freyung for 6.59 euros per kilo, according to the flyer.

In Germany, the Edeka chain offers goose breasts and legs for 12.99 euros per kg, and the whole goose for 6.49 euros per kg. Another chain, Netto, has a price of 8.33 euros per kg for a whole goose in its leaflet.

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