Ostrava: The reconstruction of the iconic Ostravica Textilia building is in the final stage


The fashion house from 1930 was one of the most luxurious buildings in Czechoslovakia and was considered an architectural icon. When two ceilings and then the roof collapsed inside the house during a botched repair 23 years ago, a dark time came for Ostravici Textilii. However, she is already over.

A few days ago, the workers took down the sheet that covered the facade of the house and people saw its new form. An old one actually. “It is beautiful. The house looks like it did in the past. Some modernity was to be expected, the main thing is that they saved it!” they rejoice with the allusion to the glass superstructure. She was named Shishoid.

The fungus changed it

The facade was originally supposed to be covered with brown slats, which did not happen to the joy of lovers of the retro look of the house. “Due to the technical condition of the exteriors, the installation of the slats would require unsparing interventions in the walls. In addition, the work revealed the widespread occurrence of wood rot,” said the representative of the investor Jindřich Vaněk.

Now they are feverishly finishing work on the interiors, where everything has been demolished and is being built anew. The space will be filled with offices, meeting rooms and studios, a music club and a theater will be created there. A stylish cafe will open on the ground floor, and Šišoid is designed for organizing private events.

A real test of the skills of all involved was the complete replacement of the skylight. It was originally made of sheet metal and imitated the night sky. “After the reconstruction, the sky will be visible in all colors all year round,” said the representative of the investor Jindřich Vaněk.

Secret mezzanine apartment

During the reconstruction of the house, a small mystery appeared. A “secret” apartment was discovered in the mezzanine, which could only be accessed through a hole in the ceiling. Purpose? Unknown… “We don’t know when, how and why such an apartment was created. It’s not even in most construction drawings,” Jindřich Vaněk pointed out on behalf of the investor.

The new official name of the house is Boutique Business Incubator Ostravica and it should open next spring.

VIDEO: Innovative housing? Easy in concrete pipes.

Innovative housing? Easy in concrete pipes

The Ostravice building in 1934.

The Ostravice building in 1934.

Author: Foto Blesk – Michal Charbulák and Fajnova, BBIB, Master Design

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