The Covington vs Masvidal trial is over! How did it end up?

The Covington vs Masvidal trial is over! How did it end up?
The Covington vs Masvidal trial is over! How did it end up?

The great rivalry was far from over with the Covington vs Masvidal fight, which was clearly dominated by the former. Masvidal was lying in wait for Colby on the street, where he attacked him and allegedly damaged his watch and caused injuries to his teeth and head. How did the court hearing go in the end?

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The legal battle between former friends Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington is over. Masvidal pleaded guilty Monday in Miami-Dade County, Fla., to misdemeanor assault charges as part of a deal with Florida prosecutors to drop two other felony charges.

Masvidal pleaded guilty to a single charge of misdemeanor assault in person in Miami along with his attorney, Saam Zanganeh. He was sentenced to serve his sentence, which actually consisted of appearing in court and paying court costs. A prosecutor said Covington was given an opportunity to appear in court but declined to do so.

Masvidal, 38, attacked Covington outside a Miami restaurant in March 2022 just weeks after losing to him on points at UFC 272. The attack resulted in a broken tooth and a concussion. Florida prosecutors said in the lawsuit originally filed.

Two charges of felony assault and misdemeanor battery were dropped. Judge Zachary James accepted Masvidal’s plea deal and asked him a list of standard questions to make sure he made a sound decision to enter the plea deal, then released Masvidal to be fingerprinted — a result of the ruling on guilt and punishment, as Masvidal will now have the conviction as part of his criminal record.

Masvidal faced up to 15 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine on the second-degree aggravated assault charge and other possible felony assault charges. Thanks to the agreement, however, he avoided this punishment and now only has to pay court costs.


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