Marinek made the boy cry when he gave him a new iPhone. I’m full of how to get a million subscribers

Marinek made the boy cry when he gave him a new iPhone. I’m full of how to get a million subscribers
Marinek made the boy cry when he gave him a new iPhone. I’m full of how to get a million subscribers

Youtuber Jon Marinek ended the competition with JEDUZAJON 2 before ace and announced two people who want to visit him in the USA. He also promised that those who were under the age of 18 could win the latest iPhone. Marinek now chose an underage boy and even called the last one personally via video call. The boy was so excited that he cried. However, Marinek does not just stick with the old stuff, but wants to start a completely new creation. By the end of the year, this group would have a million subscribers on YouTube, and now I have a salary to help it.

The 50-year-old Marinek impressed many people by criticizing all echoes. From the comfort of a luxurious villa, where he spent time with the famous YouTuber Jake Paul and his team, he caught the attention of everyone and the team. But then he decided to get out, completely changed his behavior and began to present to the audience what the American dream is like. Suddenly, the people began to admire Marinka and some tried to get a lot of things from him. Marinek then announced the date when the players would join him in the USA. The second contest was won by two young people who visited the Seven Wonders of the World, and now Marinek started claiming the iPhone 15 as the winner.

The first of the contests to win the newest iPhone was the boy who filmed a parody of Marink’s song Chleba. The video was liked not only by people on social networks, but also by Marinek. He therefore decided to give the boy a new phone. Another gambler, again a young boy, advertised the new phone with a video in which he did various tricks with slices of bread and with the Prime drink. Who did you fuck? There are people who put a lot of work and effort into it. Borec recorded one trickshot video, which was nothing extra. Nkte deserved it vc they were angry with Marinka the user on Instagram.

That boy, who won a new phone, decided to buy bread and videos every day. Marinek decided to give the iPhone to him first, and this time he called the player personally via video call to congratulate him. I just want to congratulate you for winning the iPhone 15 Pro. Kmo, I appreciate your grind, I saw you there every day, I love your positivity. Please keep it up! I hope you enjoy the iPhone and your friends don’t steal it, said Marinek. The boy was completely blind only because Marinek called him nothing.

But he absolutely did not expect the YouTuber to tell him that his phone was lost. At that moment he burst into tears and thanked Marinko from the bottom of his heart. Well, he deserves it. This is a terrible pkn. Jon, you are quite the fighter. Krishna, how you spread joy and the boy is very happy, comment on Marinkv pspvek user on Instagram. But the boy continues to eat one bread every day, because he wishes that Marinek and tpn rmek, who won the first contest with JEDUZAJONEM 2, would personally drink after him. But that probably won’t happen just like that, and the boy will have to eat bread for a very long time.

Marinek still hopes that he will be able to get the desired million customers by the end of the year. He realizes that creating a video with the players who visit him in the USA will help him in this, but he has one ace up his sleeve. I think that the charges do not just go up, because I think that everyone in the Czech Republic who has a telephone has a charge. But it will be so srie for the editors. That’s what he wants to see if he wants to be an editor, said Marinek in one of his videos. He has a lot of experience with video editing, which is proven by the fact that he was chosen by Logan and Jake Paul as their editor.

Marinek wants to learn various things about exercises and self-development. He needs to target a completely new audience and thus find a new customer. There are currently 777,000 Czech YouTubers and he is in 10th place among the most downloaded Czech YouTubers. If he could manage to attract a new group of people, he could really reach the much-desired million takers. But it is very unlikely that he will be able to do it before the end of the year.

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