The new reality show Squid Game is influenced by attacks in the US and wars


The reality show Squid Game: The Challenge is coming unstoppably to Netflix. The producer of the show has now spoken about the difficulties the creators had to deal with during filming.

Wars and violence in the world do not only affect the daily lives of millions of people. Even the creators of television shows try to reflect current events. And this also applies to upcoming reality shows Squid Game: The Challenge. Producer Stephen Lambert described that due to mass shootings in the United States or the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, the creators had to consider, for example, how to depict the “killing” of the eliminated contestants. The Guardian reports about it.


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As Lambert points out, the production team wanted to avoid excessive brutality and violent scenes, among other things. According to him, the contestants will have a small device on their overalls that will explode and spray paint after they are eliminated. “But the color will not be red, only black. It won’t be bloody,” described Labert, whose Studio Lambert streaming company has hired to produce the competition based on the 2021 hit series.

The reality show will present several games that viewers know well from the original series. The fabulous prize of $4.56 million will be up for grabs and 456 contestants will fight for it, that is, the same number as in the series itself (however, in it the prize was 45.6 billion Japanese won, which is converted to about $35 million). .

According to Lambert, at first he did not expect to find such a large number of real contestants, but the streaming platform led him astray. However, according to Lambert, Netflix made it clear that they wanted “more people from North America in the game, because the show has to succeed there, but the series was a global phenomenon, so people from all over the world got the opportunity to cast”.


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The financial reward for the winner will change the person’s life, adds Lambert. This is said to be the reason why everyone tries to give their best. “When they eliminate you, all your dreams that you went in with die. The fear of that happening drives the contestants to play their best and work together,” he explained.

Reality show Squid Game: The Challenge was shot in the UK and will be heading to screens soon. It comes out on Netflix on November 22 and will be a 10-part series.

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