Chilling testimony from Supernova: She hid behind a corpse to survive


Noam arrived at the festival with her friend David already at 6:30 in the morning. She planned to sell her art pieces here and also enjoy time with friends. No one present knew that he had just found himself in a death trap. Noam had time to dance with her partner one last time. As soon as rockets appeared in the sky, she thought they were fireworks. After a short while, however, it was clear to everyone who was winning. The rockets of the terrorist organization Hamas were aimed directly at them.

Noam and his friend ran to the parking lot, hoping that everything would end soon. It’s not over. The festival guard warned them to run or they might not survive. Meanwhile, the attackers blocked the driveways so that no one could escape.

Together with 14 other people, she then hid in a large waste container. They all hoped that no one would discover their hiding place and they would survive everything. While shells were falling and shots were being fired outside, they were writing to their relatives and loved ones informing them of their dire situation. David shared his location and everyone waited for the attack to end and rescue to come. Noam claims that the Israeli army and police did not respond. He further states that the terrorists did not notice them at all at first. She heard the terrorists shooting into another container where people were also hiding.

However, after some time they noticed the girl in their container. At that moment, Noam was told by her partner to hide as deep as possible. The girl then heard gunfire and realized that one of the bullets had hit David. She said she heard his last breath. However, Noam did not escape unscathed either. They shot her in the side and in the leg, which also caused a lot of blood loss.

“When the Hamas gunmen approached, David took me and threw me into the back of the container and told me to get as deep as possible and hide. One of them jumped in and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and then the bomb went off. They started firing continuously. It was Russian roulette who gets the bullet, describes Noam in a video published in an article on the Daily Mail server

Out of 16 people, only she and three other people survived. Overall at the Supernova festival over 270 people died.

Noam Mazal Ben-David

The article is in Czech

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