Don’t hurt the cats – Seznam Medium

Don’t hurt the cats – Seznam Medium
Don’t hurt the cats – Seznam Medium

Some say just a cat. An ordinary cat. Nothing more, nothing less. After all, it is only an animal and, according to the medieval church, it does not even have a soul and does not feel pain. Similarly, in these dark times, the woman was also in a situation. It was enough to be young, beautiful and to be interested in herbs and to be able to heal with their help. She was taken as a witch and sentenced to be burned at the stake. Even innocent cats often ended up in the fiery hell with women. And especially if they were pitch black with big bewitching eyes. According to medieval teaching, they were the devil’s conspirators.

In fact, superstitions about a black cat bringing bad luck have survived to this day. Especially on Friday the 13th. And if a black cat crosses the road, nothing good awaits us on this day. I don’t understand how something like this can persist even in the 21st century. There is little interest in black cats and many spend years in shelters for abandoned animals or even in inhospitable conditions on the street. While some people spit in front of these black devils or cross themselves at least fifty times five times, for me they are allowed happiness.

Today was not a particularly good year for cats. How many abandoned tiny kittens were left, which people got rid of completely cold-bloodedly and callously. Often with their mother cat as a piece of dirty rag. Living tattered “teddies” that tired both children and adults often ended up being thrown in a field or in a dustbin among the garbage. Tiny, squealing kittens whose mother may have starved to death, or often fought for daily survival under the wheels of a passing car. In the winter, in the dark, in fear. Or the mother cat was already so exhausted that she couldn’t even nurse her babies. And the kittens died in pain in the field or among the garbage. Unwanted, unloved. Not to mention breeding grounds, for the poor cats of hell on earth. As well as strange allergies of the owners, when the cat suddenly has to leave the house.

And at the same time, only one thing was enough. Take the cat to the vet and have her spayed. An abandoned cat has been living with us for many years. Unwanted inheritance cared for by good neighbors. The old lady lived only with her beloved cat. There was one for the other. When the grandmother died, the children threw the kitten out into the street, where she cried all night and wanted to go home to her owner. In the end, clever neighbors made her an insulated hut and brought food. The kitten eventually got used to being outside, and when they tried to put her in a cat shelter, she languished. She was strongly connected with the residence of her beloved mistress. She is a beautiful cat lady and the neighbors love her just the way she is. Finally, an abandoned cat moved into her house. Fortunately, Lilinka is neutered and he probably is too.

Cats are the most amazing creatures I have ever met. Pure souls. Earthly angels to whom God gave tails instead of wings. After all, they were already worshiped as goddesses in ancient Egypt.

Let’s take this little kitten. Smart and docile, how quickly she learns from her mother.

In the morning, he washes his coat, ears, paws. And when he goes to the toilet, he not only buries everything carefully, but also goes to check with his mother whether the owner has honestly cleaned the toilet. Cats are very noble and clean creatures. What’s more, they can love their master even beyond the grave. Faithful and devoted just like a dog. When I was sick, it was my two cats who warmed my exhausted body with their bodies. And my two girls also came to check on me at night to see if I was still breathing. When I lost my parents and eventually my job, they would rub their snouts on my face and gently place patches in my palm. They didn’t care if I gained weight and then lost it again. I was still their loved one. They took me as I really am without the iron mask in which I shielded myself from the world and its cruelty. And when I looked into their loving eyes, that deep well, I read the only thing in them. Beautiful, honest and clean. “Don’t worry, we can do it together.”

Only a despised and unloved person can harm an animal. After all, evil is usually where there is a lack of good. People don’t hurt cats. The pain of the world is already so great that our planet is crying. Do not harm the weak, for one day your strength may leave you. Have your cats spayed so that innocent kittens don’t suffer and die unnecessarily. Let us be loving to the least of us. And not just before Christmas.

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