Traffic accidents don’t just hurt the body. Don’t be afraid to ask for help


Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs after a very stressful moment. However, it is not just a part of the accident, but you are also a worthy witness who helped the injured at the scene of the accident.

How is it created?

The first emon’s strong senses, requiring an immediate reaction in the event of an accident, activate the hunter’s brain. He immediately evaluates all the circumstances and, in connection with the nervous system, not only behaves, but also induces a physiological reaction in the body, enabling the short-term activation of energy reserves to cope with such a stressful situation, explains the specialist of the Accident Portal, which deals with the safety of road traffic and the prevention of traffic accidents.

Subsequently, pupils will dilate, heart rate will increase, heart contractions will increase, blood pressure will increase, speed will increase, breathing will increase, the activity of the nervous system will decrease, and blood will flow from the internal organs to the periphery and muscles. The subsequent release of adrenaline and other hormones into the body, which play an important role in the regulation of metabolism, contribute to the release of energy resources into the body.

This short-term reaction of the body to excessive stress is essentially useful and helps to cope with the whole situation during and shortly after a traffic accident. Only such a rush of emotion and adrenaline will subside, and not everyone can cope with such a strong child without help.

The intervention team of nurses and psychologists provides help, for example, to people who have been in a tragic traffic accident and have witnessed the death of someone close to them.

ask for help

Recognizing that you have a problem that requires consulting with an expert is not easy. Even after a long time, I return to the cause of unpleasant memories. He is calm even on full details, which under other circumstances would not go at all.

Don’t let me die, or on the contrary, suffer a great and unceasing storm. Some people then react by trying to avoid the city or situations reminiscent of an accident, they are inferior, have problems with concentration, and are often afraid of their own death. A condition where this symptom develops within six months after the event and lasts for months is called post-traumatic stress disorder.

In the case of a hunter with post-traumatic stress disorder, his organism is still on alert because of the activity of some areas of the brain. Unfortunately, this is how the production of unwanted stress hormones continues.

In these cases, it is very important to seek professional help. Probably, in the case of aunts, people will have a spontaneous improvement of the uritis condition. The main treatment for post-traumatic disorders is psychotherapy, which should be supplemented with pharmacotherapy, Veronika Krajsov, the president of the Zchrann kruh Association, explained the options, preparing the long-term campaign: You can do it.

A post-traumatic stress relief unit also arrived on the scene, providing assistance to people at the scene of the tragic event.

Kristna Pekov, who was hit by a car while riding a motorcycle, but was under the influence of alcohol, described what such a disorder looks like in reality. I don’t remember anything at all from the accident and I only know a lot from hearsay. My condition was declared clinical death at the hospital. I finally woke up from my stupor.

In addition to the physical injuries, which have apparently healed, I still have bone pain, for example from the hospital environment. At first, they kept telling me about some accidents and misfortunes. And that happened every day with you. That’s why I ended up looking for a professional therapist in the field of psychiatry, Kristna. In addition to this disorder, the left hemisphere of the brain must be permanently damaged after the accident.

If you are not sure where to turn, do not hesitate to contact your previous doctor who took care of you after the accident. If you were only a witness, then we recommend turning to the district attorney.

The intervention team of nurses and psychologists for the Moravian-Silesian region helped 152 people in the first six months of their activity.

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