GAZA: Hams behind the wheel – The invisible dog

GAZA: Hams behind the wheel – The invisible dog
GAZA: Hams behind the wheel – The invisible dog

Support for Hams on college campuses and on the streets of American cities has been shackled. But we shouldn’t be surprised. It is the result of influence campaigns lasting at least ten years. Father Lorenzo Vidino, editor of the Program on Extremism at Georgetown University, in The Wall Street Journal.

In June 1993, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wiretapped a hotel room in Philadelphia where a dozen high-ranking Hamsuyas, some of them in the US, had gathered. These men convened a meeting a few weeks after the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. For several days, they debated how to sabotage the deal and gain support for Hamsa among American Muslims, political elites and the Irish community. At first, they announced that the American government would declare Hamas a terrorist organization, and they agreed on a strategy to frame the conflict in secular terms for Muslims and, at the same time, in terms acceptable to non-Muslim Americans. They fulfilled the creation of a number of mainstream organizations that would carry out this dual work.

In the back
Let’s not raise a big Islamic flag and act like barbai, said one of the villagers. We will become a jerk, so if it happens to [oznaen za teroristickou organizaci], we will hide from the new development, instead of concealing and revealing all our organizations. I swear to Allah that the wolf is a fraud, he said. Deceitful, disguised, pretentious, that you leave while you sting.

Ten years later, this strategy turned out to be another. irok’s support for Hamsu’s barbaric actions on 7 January did not just appear out of thin air. This phenomenon was breathed into life several years ago by the birth of Israel with white privileges and old-fashioned anti-Semitism, but a hundred terrorist groups in the USA and Europe played a key role.

Now led by a staunch activist born in the West, these hundreds understand how politics and media narratives work in the West. Present the conflict in secular terms to the local Muslim communities, call the Israelis unbelievers and remind Hades of the slaughter of the Jews. On university campuses, they use the language of postcolonial theory to label Israelis as European settlers. It is not surprising that a few days ago, one of the leaders of Hamsa told the newspaper that the same type of racism that killed George Floyd will be used by Israel against the Palestinians, which is an insult to fallen progressives.

This influence operation was helped by various collaborators and idiots, including politicians in the USA and Europe. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labor Party in 2015-20, is probably the best example of this. He declared Hamas and Hizballah as enemies. But Corbyn is not a politician. In April, politicians from all over Europe took part in the European Conference of Palestinians in Germany. Its organizer, Amn Ab Rad, a well-known Hamsa supporter, was arrested a few weeks later in the Netherlands for collecting a million for this terrorist organization. He declared that he is innocent, but Dutch law allows him to be held in prison.

Ptelsk University
The academic community can be questioned by Hams, not the left-wing political world. The recent demonstrations on campus are proof of this curiosity, but the ties run deep. The United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), a think tank founded in Chicago in 1989, is the brainchild of Msa ab Marzouk, a high-ranking Hamas official based in Doha, Qatar, who is now the organization’s second in command.

Over the years, UASR has organized events and joint publications with prominent American universities. The editorial board of his quarterly Middle East Affairs Journal included scientists from Duke, Johns Hopkins, Fordham and Maryland universities. UASR Executive Editor Ahmed Yousef moved to Gaza in 2005 to become chief advisor to scientist Hamsu Ismail Hanji. Mr. Yousef used his experience with the American media and placed his links in the New York Times and other established media.

Hams thus has a financial position in the West. In 2008, federal prosecutors filed transcripts of the meeting in Philadelphia as evidence against the Holy Land Foundation. The Texas-based shell charity, which Mr. Marzook also founded, was found guilty of giving Hams more than $12 million over a decade, the largest fine for financing terrorism in US history.

Hamas is not only a terrorist organization that wants to kill Jews and wipe out Israel. It is such a clever international political game that uses the West as a base for influence operations in exchange for politicians, the public and Muslim communities. Even if some of Hams’ activities on the American soil are protected by the state, they serve his morally repugnant agenda. If, as President Biden said, Hams is ISIS, there should be no room in politics, academia, or the military for those who are terrorists.

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