The innkeeper immediately took a picture of the nerve on the bridge, she won the Pulitzer for it


I’m the type of hunter who always takes a camera on a flight, but never takes a picture, said Virginia Schauov. On that May day in 1953, she could congratulate herself on packing her cheap Kodak Brownie on the road.

She was nineteen years old and had begun the second, eighth chapter of her life. He first died in the battles with the Japanese in the Philippines, Virginia married veteran Walter Schau three years after the train, and together they farmed in northern California. He worked as an executive at Standard Oil, she was a housewife.

On that fateful day, they decided to go fishing with their parents on the Sacramento River. The road led them along Interstate 5 over the Pit River Bridge, a mile-long bridge over Shasta Lake. When they approached him, they realized that the truck with fruits and vegetables, which was driving in front of them, did not behave strangely on the road.

At the moment when his car entered the bridge, he completely lost control over the woman and the truck crashed through the guardrail. While the cabin was hanging down about twelve meters above the water level, the back of the boat got stuck on the bridge. Idi and his assistant were in the cabin, which slowly began to smolder…

At that moment, Walter Schau jumped out of the car, stopped the traffic, got a piece of rope and, together with the other motorists, hurried to the rescue. While the others struggled for his legs, he lowered the rope for them. He first pulled out the doorbell, then lowered himself into the cabin and rescued Ide, who was completely unconscious. By the time they were all safely on the bridge, though, the cabin had gone to hell.

Virginia Schauov showed the same wit as Manel. She quickly pulled out the camera that her sister had given her before the car. It contained the last two halves of the film, which was over a year old. She ran to the hill to the right of the road, from where she had a palm-sized view of the drama, and exposed the last two frames of the film.

A little later, his father alerted her to a photo shoot filed by the local Sacramento Bee newspaper. Schauov excelled and won, in addition to praise for the best picture of the week, she also received ten dollars. But his photographic fame has only just begun.

Photos of him on a rope high above the water were taken by the photo editor of the AP agency and sent to the world. Exactly one year after the accident, Schauov received the Pulitzer Prize for it. And on top of that, a thousand dollars, from which she paid for the maternity hospital after the birth of her first son.

The housewife from California thus became the first awarded woman in the history of the most prestigious newspaper award in the world. Not only that, but eight years later the first amateur photographer there was student Arnold Hardy, who took pictures of the fire at the Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta.

During one of the worst wars in the USA in December 1946, 119 people died. Hardy then heard the fire alarm on his way out of the dance hall, called the station, introduced himself as a newspaperman and asked where he was. When he arrived in the city, he saw desperate guests jumping from the fifteen-story hotel.

Although the owner boasted in the advertising press that his equipment was completely fireproof, it had no internal entrances. The fire engines only reached the eighth floor and the shelter was torn apart by the people jumping from the upper floors.

You don’t have a letter about building code reforms in the United States. In revenge, Arnold Hardy shared a whole series of photos, some of which he sold to the AP agency the next day for one hundred dollars. tst in netst there was also a female pilot in the picture for which she won the Pulitzer, she broke probably all the bones in her body, but she survived.

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