Slovaks go to Poland, Hungary, but also to Turkey for cheaper dental care


Slovaks who want to save on dental treatment often go to neighboring countries such as Hungary and Poland, but also to Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey, for example. They can pay hundreds of euros less for the same dental procedure abroad.

Marian from southern Slovakia underwent a demanding dental procedure in Hungary. “Professional approach and a much better price,” he explained to the website, why he chose treatment abroad.

“I don’t remember how much this procedure would have cost me in Slovakia, but I know it would have been much more than in Esztergom,” he added. For example, he compares the price of tooth extraction in Slovakia, which costs 55 euros (1,350 crowns) and in Hungary, where it costs 30 euros (735 crowns).

The insurance company did not pay for the repair of the dental crown. The patient swallowed the evidence

Lucia from Liptov also has experience with dental procedures abroad. She traveled to the Polish village near Nové Targ to see a dentist. After part of the procedure was reimbursed by the insurance company, it was 40 percent cheaper than in Slovakia.

“The clinic has a panoramic X-ray, and a dental hygienist is located in the same place, so I took care of everything at once. At home, I would wait two months for an X-ray of my teeth,” she says.

For example, dentists in Turkey offer teeth whitening from 150 euros (3,670 crowns), while in Slovakia the same procedure costs 330 euros (8,000 crowns).

The price of an all-ceramic crown starts from 110 euros (2,700 crowns) in Turkey and 450 euros (11,000 crowns) in Slovakia, a ceramic facet costs 250 euros (6,100 crowns) in Turkey, while in Slovakia it costs 510 euros (12,500 crowns).

The price of a dental implant in Turkey starts at 200 euros (4,900 crowns), in Slovakia it costs 840 euros (20,500 crowns).

Attention to quality, dentists warn

However, Slovak dentists point out that cheaper dental treatment abroad does not always mean sufficient quality.

“Dental clinics that use high-quality certified materials and have the necessary modern equipment cannot afford to have lower prices even abroad,” claims dentist Michaela Hučková. According to her, the solution to an additional claim abroad is also challenging.

Basic mistakes that threaten dental health

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