First for gold – The price of gold once again attacked the USD 2000 per ounce mark


After rebounding from the January low, the price of gold not only recovered for a while, but later this week it reached a new temporary high of USD 2,009 per ounce. Subsequently, it recorded a slight decrease, which was probably the result of a slightly overbought market.* If the buying rally continues, the price could increase by .

The price of the king of precious metals has reached a very high level in recent weeks. If the short-term technical oscillators indicate that the growth is fast, fundamental factors in the form of geopolitical tension can further support the growth of the price of this expensive metal.

Graph: Evolution of the value of the futures contract for gold with an expiration date in December 2023 over the last 5 years. (Source:*

Long term in green ears

In the course of January, the price rebounded from the bottom as a result of the conflict on the Middle East, which was the main catalyst of uncertainty, prompting investors to take a safe bet in the form of investments in gold. From a long-term perspective, the development and fall of the escalation of the conflict will depend on the price of gold, as well as the American interest rates, which can be a significant factor not only for gold, but also for other metals. The general truth is that gold is a relatively conservative investment, but it should be a stable and permanent part of every investor’s portfolio. If we consider the five-year price performance of the king of precious metals, we can currently observe an appreciation of 55%*.

So invest in the central bank

Central banks increased their gold reserves last year and bought a record 1,078 tons of gold. As the price of the king of precious metals goes in the near future, it will rise to the ad factor, but for now, most of them indicate that it should remain in the green and potentially be able to break previous records.

Olivia Lacenov, chief analyst at Wonderinterest Trading Ltd.

* Past performance is not a guarantee of future consequences.

Olvia Lacenova

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