Three lion heads and gold as a symbol of the Czech Republic: Anna Tejklova’s national costume for the winner of the beauty contest will compete in the world


The winner of Miss Czech Republic 2021, Helena Čermáková, flew to Albania to represent the world beauty contest The Miss Globe.

One of the most important disciplines is also the presentation of the national costume. This time it was created under the hands of fashion designer Anna Tejklova, who in the past also created a costume for the winner of the world beauty contest, Dominika Chabra.

The costume for Helena Čermáková took a month to create. “I had to do it in this short period of time. Fortunately, almost immediately I had an idea of ​​what the model might look like and I was excited about it. I really like the girl who asked me to cooperate, which strengthened my determination that I simply have to manage it and support her to shine even more at the world competition. One part of production is sewing and testing, then I have to paint on the finished model and not spoil anything. Here I also embroidered beautiful stones,” Anna Tejklová confided to, saying that the costume reflects the well-known term “Magic Prague”.

I imagined what she would look like if she materialized as a woman. Mysterious and charming Prague at night, in which golden lights, beautiful architecture and ornamental details shine. Therefore, the entire model is black and gold, supplemented only with red stones. At the same time, the national costume must represent the entire Czech Republic, so I chose three large lion heads as the central motif of the huge skirt, which refer to our national lion symbol and each of them represents one part of our country, i.e. Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. I painted the lions so that they look like engravings. The ensemble, I believe, evokes a mysterious urban grandeur and is very fashionable at the same time, helped by tall gloves or an extravagant fascinator and jewelry tailored to the costume.” the fashion designer revealed in detail how much this costume is worth in her eyes.

“If I were to do something like this for money on a contract, it would be at least 60,000. The greatest value of every handiwork and original idea is already in the fact that it is a single extraordinary piece. I often deal with someone trying to copy me, but I’ve gotten used to it and I try not to get upset about it. There is only one original,” added Anna Tejklová.

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