Fashion behind the scenes of Stardance: Some of the costumes hurt the eyes, Adamczyk was on the dance floor for a cheap girl from the nineties

Fashion behind the scenes of Stardance: Some of the costumes hurt the eyes, Adamczyk was on the dance floor for a cheap girl from the nineties
Fashion behind the scenes of Stardance: Some of the costumes hurt the eyes, Adamczyk was on the dance floor for a cheap girl from the nineties

Veronika Arichteva

The charming actress Veronika Arichteva, whom Recently, he has been mainly occupied with moving to a new house, she took a moment and arrived to watch the competition, which she still remembers fondly. Above all, she mentions how much she lost thanks to StarDance and how much she had left after giving birth.

It must be said that no extra kilos, which they often talk about, were visible. The green looks fantastic on her considering she has dark hair. We would probably choose a different handbag, but the white-black combination here won’t offend anyone. Only the dress deserved open-toed shoes that would complement the long sleeve beautifully. Above all, it is the boats that are crying out for someone to come and save them with this model. Even the hair wouldn’t be angry if someone pinned it up. But hey, everything suits Veronica anyway and no one will be mad at her for this model. It won’t excite, but we won’t be looking for a blindfold because of it.

Dana Batulková with her daughter Mariana Prachařová

Influencer Mariana left nothing to chance this time and Martin Kohout lent them the dress with their mother. Already in the comments there were hints that they are Mariana’s dress is big and Batulkova’s ruffled sleeves don’t fit. In general, Mariana is a very criticized influencer, although her style is distinctive and suits her very well. The young woman is known for her penchant for oversized outfits, and at other times she wears things that are out of shape for others. Choosing a dress that is bigger for her didn’t surprise anyone that much. However, what must be highlighted is Mariana’s hairstyle, which simply fits her beautifully and makes her beautiful face stand out. Likewise, perfect simple shoes that do not detract from the decorated dress. If she took the hand of experts more often, she could become a real fashion icon.

Even her mom wasn’t 100 percent this time. Dana Batulk is a lovely woman, but this dress feels like she’s back at a reunion after 20 years of a princess fairy tale, where she wore her old costume. Due to the fact that it is relatively small, such a model looks quite shapeless on it. They would certainly look great on another woman, it is a great model, but we would imagine something completely different for her. On the other hand, the ladies seem to feel comfortable in the chosen models and enjoyed the evening perfectly. But the colorful dress that Mariana brought out the previous night of the competition was much more effective.

Eva Adamczyková

Until now, she appeared in the competition in models that were simply beautiful. But the costume she danced in this time was a complete flop. It doesn’t matter at all that he had a purpose for the number she performed with her dancer Jakub Mazůch. The whole thing feels strange, cheap. We know few who are fans of these women’s vests. Because there are very few characters that really suit them. Eva has the figure for it, but a see-through glittery bra, a long shapeless skirt and arm sleeves?

If she was still getting married Well done girl, in the photo novel, the girl of the time would certainly go to the prom in this. Or not. Maybe not even that. We are deliberately silent about the bow tie. This is just the icing on the cake, which has killed any femininity. Eva, where are you? Are you hidden in this horror? We want to save you and tell you that everything will be fine.

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Eva Adamczyková and her strange modelSource: Profimedia

Tereza Kostková

If we wanted to bow and tip our hat to someone this week, it would be actress and presenter Tereza Kostková. In the past episodes, she got a bit of a tailspin with the selected dresses – the costume designers apparently forgot what suits this lady. But a simple shiny dress is an absolutely fabulous piece of work, and tied hair with understated jewelry goes wonderfully well with each other. Tereza is a big lady in her own right and it is pointless to decorate her with accessories. In short, there is nothing to add here. Even if Teresa came to the altar like this, she wouldn’t offend anyone. A nice detail was the red manicure, which matched the dress beautifully.

Perhaps she went home in those clothes. We are sure that her husband Jakub Nvota would be literally speechless by such a dress.

Jitka Asterová

When she once played in Ulica, no one thought that she would one day become a fashion icon. However, no one can deny that Jitka Asterová has a figure like never before and it hasn’t looked like this for a long time. She seems to be content with her life, which of course is reflected in her face. She says about herself that she is not the type of senior woman who has everything behind her. And we have to agree with that.

They make no secret of the fact that they often look for beautiful second-hand dresses at social events – and they really have a lucky hand. We have no idea if these are also second-hand, but she definitely didn’t make a mistake with them. Aster is the type of woman you immediately want to invite for coffee and go shopping with. And given that she hosted a radio show for nine years Sexy life, a lunch with her would certainly not be a waste of time. Although… She herself is said to be rather shy and only talks about sex on the radio. So we dare to say that she is definitely still sexy!

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