Did you receive this text message? You will lose all your money in seconds

Did you receive this text message? You will lose all your money in seconds
Did you receive this text message? You will lose all your money in seconds

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The Czech Social Security Administration is once again warning against fraudulent SMS messages that pose as the official ČSSZ and invite clients to open fraudulent websites. These fraudulent sites promise the option of choosing a bank to log in with a bank identity. However, it is important to realize that this is not the official website of the CSSS, but an attempt to obtain sensitive personal information from people, including information about bank accounts.

It will deprive you of everything

Fraudsters often mention the phone owner’s name in these text messages, which can give the impression of credibility. Even if some of these fraudulent domains are blocked, new variants of this so-called “phishing” – fraud on the Internet – continue to appear. Therefore, the CSSA urges all clients to be careful, especially if they receive a suspicious SMS, and to thoroughly vet all websites that ask for sensitive information. You should avoid providing your personal information unless you are absolutely certain of the site’s origin.

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What to do

It is also important to remember that the Czech Social Security Administration never sends these SMS. The only official and secure websites of the CSSS are www.cssz.cz and eportal.cssz.cz. These websites have DigiCert’s digital seal located at the bottom right of their pages. By clicking on this seal, you can get a confirmation of the identity of the CSSA and get all the necessary information about the owner of the site. Remember to be cautious and protect your personal data from fraudulent attempts.

Otherwise, if you click on the link in the SMS message and fill in your bank details, you can lose all your money in seconds.

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