The virgin Queen Elizabeth I. sickly addicted to her visage. This is how she would look today, as a modern woman

The virgin Queen Elizabeth I. sickly addicted to her visage. This is how she would look today, as a modern woman
The virgin Queen Elizabeth I. sickly addicted to her visage. This is how she would look today, as a modern woman

On September 7, 1533, as the world eagerly awaited the birth of a male heir to King Henry VIII of England, a daughter, Elizabeth, was born. This unexpected turn of events affected Elizabeth’s life from day one. Any idea what this virgin queen would look like today?

A remarkable ruler

Elizabeth I she lived in a world where her status and safety were determined by her father’s whims. She faced uncertainty at almost every turn. Yet she overcame these challenges to become one of England’s greatest monarchs. Her legacy lives on to this day.

Alžběta grew up in an exceptional environment full of governesses and the best teachers. In addition to calligraphy and music, she was fluent in several languages, fluent in English, French, Latin and Italian.

Elizabeth is also under surveillance Jindřichovy last wife Catherine Parr she perfected the art of public speaking, which was indeed unusual for women of that time. However, she was so proficient in this field that she rightly maintained a reputation as an inspirational speaker.

After the unexpected death of her younger brother Edward VI in 1553 questions arose as to who would succeed him. Elizabeth and her older sister Marie they had their supporters and detractors. When the strictly Catholic Mary came to the throne, there were Protestant uprisings.

In 1554, Marie imprisoned Elizabeth for two months. It happened after Wyatt’s rebellion, an attempt to overthrow the queen. Elizabeth secured her release by convincing Maria that she had no part in the rebellion. However, she remained under house arrest for another year before Mary allowed her to return to court in 1555.

The reign of Elizabeth I is often referred to as “the golden age of England”. She was distinguished by significant artistic achievements. Elizabeth I loved music and theatre, and therefore in 1583 she founded the royal troupe Queen Elizabeth’s Men, which often entertained her court.

During Elizabeth’s reign, prominent playwrights such as William Shakespeare and Christopher Marloweand composers To Thomas Tallis and to William Byrdwho contributed to the vibrant cultural scene.

Obsessed with beauty

Elizabeth undertook 25 royal journeys throughout England, thereby securing the favor of her subjects. Unlike her predecessors, she rode a horse rather than a carriage, bringing her even closer to her people.

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In 1588, Elizabeth gave a stirring speech at Tilbury. Her inspiring words mobilized the English soldiers and led to the destruction of the Spanish army.

Elizabeth is known as the Virgin Queen. Despite attempts by Parliament to force her into marriage in 1566, she remained steadfast in her decision to marry her country and not a man. She was obsessed with her appearance. As a redhead with already light skin, she used masks with sulphur, turpentine and mercury to whiten her skin even more.

This is what Elizabeth I would look like today.

She used vermilion made from poisonous mercury sulphide on her lips, and she dripped a decoction of the brittle roll into her eyes. The reign of Elizabeth I also marked the era of European voyages of discovery across the Atlantic. Sir Walter Raleigh he even named the colony Virginia after his virgin queen.


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