IT HAPPENED TODAY: Schwarzenberg was taken to Vienna, the Germans dug into Fiala

IT HAPPENED TODAY: Schwarzenberg was taken to Vienna, the Germans dug into Fiala
IT HAPPENED TODAY: Schwarzenberg was taken to Vienna, the Germans dug into Fiala

German media caught the attention of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s shopping trip to Bavaria, where he bought food, which he compared with the prices of goods from a Czech supermarket. According to them, he came to the conclusion that everything is cheaper in Germany. The German media remind us that the Czech Republic is struggling with high inflation and that Czechs go shopping abroad.

“We still don’t know exactly what happened,” Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters responded to the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists in southern Israel. The British musician accused Israel of exaggeration. At the same time, he rejected the accusation that he is an anti-Semite. Waters has also previously faced criticism for his controversial views on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Former foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg has been in hospital since September. His health condition is not improving and therefore he was suddenly airlifted to a hospital in Vienna. Traveling by car would be risky. According to the prince, that way he will be closer to his grandchildren, whom he was going to visit after being released from the hospital in Prague.

Disinformer and former journalist Jana Peterková spoke at an event in front of the Prague regional police headquarters on Tuesday. At the rally, Peterková described the actions of the judicial guard as illegal in connection with the incident at the Prague municipal court from the end of May, when her supporters blocked the doors of the courtroom. Heavy duty personnel had to intervene on the spot. According to Peterková, she believes Tomáš Čermák that he is in Russia.

Israel will accept overall security responsibility for the Gaza Strip after the end of the war with Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview with the American television station ABC News on Monday. In it, he repeated the claim that Israel would not agree to declare a ceasefire until Hamas released the hostages held in Gaza. In the Gaza Strip, according to the local authorities, over 10,000 people have already died in Israeli bombing over the past month.

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