Do you remember the little heroine from the movie Duck and the Goose? Today she is 41 years old and she is a beautiful woman


The child movie star, who can be remembered today in the reruns of the films in which she played children’s roles, has grown into a beautiful lady and can only be seen by cat lovers at an exhibition. She disappeared not only from the world of film, but also abroad…

Two Ducklings

The then five-year-old Helena Vitovská (*30 July 1982) got her first small role after an audition for a children’s cast in Zírej, holube (1987). A year later, she played her first Kačenka, namely Znamínková in the film Nefňukej, veverko (1988), where she has to come to terms with the birth of little brothers – twins, even though she wanted a little sister. A year later, in the loose sequel The Squirrel and the Magic Shell (1989), he again copes with the death of his beloved grandfather. She handled both demanding roles flawlessly, and that’s how she was already known about the film.

She became better known to the audience as the second Kačenka, this time eight-year-old Mahlerová in the fairy-tale comedy Kačenka a strašidla, and in its sequel Kačenka and the spooks again, where she fights with her animated ghosts for her House of Horrors, so that her father does not convert it into a family residence.

Little Kačenka grew into a beautiful manager

Two languages, two schools

Helena Vitovská neither dreamed nor wished for the life of an actress, moreover, she was absent from school during filming and had to catch up on her studies, which she did not like. After elementary language school, she graduated from a bilingual, Czech-Spanish grammar school.

She wanted to be a lawyer, but she was said to have been dissuaded by a stateswoman from Roman law. She received her legal education at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague. For the M.Sc. she also added an Ing. degree when she completed her management studies at the University of Agriculture.

Already during her studies, she worked at a major Czech company, first as a secretary and then as a manager. For over twenty years, he has been breeding British Shorthair and Carthusian cats, with which he goes to exhibitions. Since 2018, she has been living abroad, where she works as a manager.


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