She survived her own death, her colleagues and her husband turned their backs on her: Sharon Stone is a different woman today



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She has to sleep at least 8 hours a day or she will have a seizure. Years later, Sharon Stone opened up about her health problems. On the other hand, she is happy to still be alive. She almost lost her life 22 years ago. Today, he cherishes every day he wakes up to.

The now sixty-five-year-old actress suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2001, and there was even a threat that she would die. Since then, he has a completely different view of the world. And she discovered that more important than work is the style of living. He thus indulges in 8 hours of sleep a day. For many years, she pretended that she was not permanently scarred by the terrifying incident she experienced, but the opposite is true. He says that without deep and long sleep, the drugs he has been taking since then do not work. And when they don’t work as they should, they suffer seizures. She also lost many film roles because of this, but nothing could be done about it. However, she decided to speak openly about what kind of life she leads now for the first time only recently.

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Her husband also left her

Sharon Stone suffered a stroke 22 years ago and had a brain bleed for 9 days. When she woke up in the hospital, she couldn’t speak, only stuttered, and her vision was bad. In addition, she also suffered memory loss. It took seven long years for her to recover from the stroke. But then everyone turned their backs on her. Instead of being helpful, her colleagues and friends resented her. Not even her then-husband, American journalist Phil Bronstein, with whom she adopted a son, Roan, stood by her. After the stroke, the marriage failed.

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Her ex-husband left her just when she needed him the most

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She lost the court case for her son

So, in the same year that she fell ill, she also got a divorce. She felt like she had lost everything. She regretted not only the fact that her colleagues in the field had rejected her, but also the fact that the judge who resolved the dispute over the adopted son ruled in favor of her husband, who was given sole custody of Roan. From then on, she was only allowed to visit her son by appointment.

She also came with her hard-earned career. No one wanted to hire her. Only a contract with Dior got her out of trouble. Still, nothing was ever the same. She also had to take out a mortgage on the house. She didn’t have much of her own money. “Most of what I lost, I never got back,” she revealed in one of the interviews.

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After losing her son Roan, she adopted sons Laird and Quinn

He doesn’t give up

After the divorce, she adopted sons Laird and Quinn and gave them all her attention. Much later, however, she realized that she does not live for others, but above all for herself. She stopped worrying about the fact that she had lost the support of friends and colleagues, and focused only on herself and her sons. In later years, she again managed to win film and serial roles. And today she is a sought-after actress again, but she does not overdo it with work. She has to save herself and, above all, not forget that every new day is a gift for her.

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