It turns out that accepting more migrants of a different culture can change the country’s security situation


There was a time when I considered Sweden one of the most attractive countries where I would like to live, or at least try. I was inspired not only by the high standard of living, but also by society’s concern for its citizens, starting with the education and healthcare system and ending with care for the elderly or socially weak citizens. Until approximately 30 to 40 years ago, there was no need to lock your cars or apartments in Sweden, and no one “carried” left luggage. One could almost say that it was a successful modification of socialism in a democratic country. In particular, a safe and fulfilling life was not a matter of course even at this time.

He can’t believe that after “several years” we are learning about warnings to visitors to Sweden about the dangers of walking the streets with headphones on. At first, probably no one would think that the reason is so that people do not lose their caution and overview of the situation around them. And the uninitiated probably wouldn’t have thought that the cause is the worsened security situation resulting from the increase in terrorism and the influence of organized crime. Few people have the courage to look for the causes of this situation in connection with the influx of migrants, especially from Islamic countries.

Violent manifestations of some Muslim migrants provoke radicalization of Swedish citizens, including protests accompanied by, for example, the burning of the Koran. However, these acts are taken by Muslims not only in Sweden as an insult to their religion and thus lead to retaliatory measures that can result in a spiral of violence.

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Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic warned Czech citizens about the high risk of terrorist attacks in Sweden. The Swedish security services themselves declared (17/08/2023) the terrorist threat level at level 4 (high). The threat concerns the whole of Sweden and is estimated to last for a long time.

The involvement of the military was even considered, which could bring other than desirable consequences if implemented. However, if the police are not enough for gang wars, there will probably be nothing else left. In addition to a significant number of people being killed, there is the spread of drugs and other dangerous activities for society.

In this context, it is good to recall the previous welcoming attitude towards the acceptance of Muslim migrants, which certainly also required considerable financial support. Despite this welcoming attitude, due to the worsening security situation, anti-Islamic manifestations, such as the aforementioned burning of the Koran, are occurring, which is harming Sweden in its efforts to become a member of NATO. Along with Hungary, Sweden’s entry into NATO is also hindered by Turkey, which, in addition to the burning of the Koran and other anti-Islamic expressions, particularly dislikes Sweden’s reluctance to intervene against activists who take hostile positions against the current Turkish regime. Turkey is demanding the extradition of many of these “enemies”. And it’s not just Kurdish migrants. It turns out that accepting a larger number of migrants of a different culture can change the country’s security situation, or threaten, for example, its social system.

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For the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, it seems to be an advantage so far that the majority of their incoming migrants come from Ukraine. However, will this also apply in the future? Will we not have to face gangs whose members will have combat experience, access to weapons and little inhibitions and respect for the law?

Could there be a collapse of states or civilizations that were too accommodating and friendly, but forgot a certain prudence? In the case of Sweden, we can only remember the better past of this country.

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