People bully a woman for having too hot a husband. You are too fat for him, they say For women


Alicia and Scott have been together for sixteen long years, and from the beginning of their relationship, the weight difference was noticeable. However, both of them have always been totally fine with it because they know that there is more to love than the numbers on the scale. Some social media users find their relationship a thorn in the side and say it can’t be real. Because of her extra pounds, Alicia has to face really harsh comments that border on bullying. For example, people tell her that her husband can’t really love her, that he must be cheating on her, that he’s only with her for money, or even that he’s gay.

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The young woman deleted many of the comments because they exceeded a certain limit. Although it is very uncomfortable for her, she tries not to make anything of them. She knows very well that her marriage with Scott is strong. Therefore, both of them despise unfavorable comments and continue to show their love to the whole world. Alicia is completely happy with her body, even though it wasn’t quite like that in the past. “I was already overweight when we met. I hated myself and started making unhealthy and unsustainable decisions about my weight that I thought would solve my problem. I lost a lot of weight, but then ended up gaining every pound back back,” she stated. Therefore, the young woman completely gave up on meaningless diets and accepted herself as she is.

Alicia and her husband Scott are a clear example that true love is not about looks. “My husband appreciates who I am, my hard work, my humor and my heart,” she added. Although she has to face huge criticism on a daily basis, she regularly posts lovey-dovey videos and photos on social media, encouraging others to focus on inner qualities, not looks. It does not define the true values ​​of a person.

A woman with a beard is met with both hatred and understanding. He likes not only his friend, but also his fans!

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