Zagreb fans are prohibited from entering the stadium. Who will replace them?


07.11.2023 18:50

Viktoria Plzeň took advantage of the opportunity to fill the sector of visiting fans who are prohibited from entering the stadium, and invited young footballers from clubs throughout the Pilsen region to play football.

Dinamo Zagreb fans have their sector closed at away matches for disciplinary reasons. Viktoria Plzeň decided, with UEFA’s approval, to offer these places free of charge to youth players from clubs throughout the Pilsen region. “The interest from the clubs was really great, which makes us very happy. I am glad that we used this opportunity and can offer young players to experience the great atmosphere of a big European match right in the stadium. I believe that it can be a huge motivation for them to continue their work, to constantly improve, work on themselves and one day perhaps wear the Victorian jersey, just like Pavlo Šulc, Robin Hranáč or most recently Viktor Baier managed to do. They also come from the region and thus fulfilled their big dream.” said the club’s CEO Adolf Šádek.

The match against Dinamo Zagreb will be supported by youth players from, for example, FK Horažďovice, Slovan Blatnice, SK Bolešiny, TJ Klášter, SK Nalžovské Hory, SK Horní Bříza, TJ Sokol Merklín and others.

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